Verona Times

When Tempretures are High and Tempers fly

Yesterday, when temperatures were high but tempers even higher, Verona's streets were filled with the sound of metal against metal and verbal jousting. The clash of the two prestigious houses of Capulets and Montagues is one of four in recent days. The reason or reasons for this incident are unclear. Many speculate that the hatred for each other led the houses to collide but others suspect ulterior motives.

Insults fly like a hot blooded Swan

Witnesses said that a series of insults could be heard at around 2:37 in the afternoon. Most people were outside due to the soaringly high temperatures. According to onlookers the shouting was mainly between a member of the house of Capulet and associates of house Montague. The representatives from house of Montague were Mercutio and Benvolio. Many people told us that words such as 'zounds' and coarse language was used. It is clear now that the hatred for each other runs deep in the houses. Sociologists in coperation with tourism experts say that since the first fight broke out the tourist flow of Verona has decreased drastically.
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Another One Joins The Fray

Around 2:45 another character appeared, another Montague by the name of Romeo. Unlike Mercutio and Tybalt (The Capulet assailant), he apparently attempted to prevent the fight from getting out of hand. Many keen onlookers said that Romeo adapted a loving tone as if he had feelings for Tybalt other than hatred like the other montagues.
'As though a bat and ragdoll they were, the lanky one (Romeo), was tossed abroad by the shorter stronger one, (Tybalt). I remember that the lanky one spoke somthing like this " I do protest, I never injured thee, But love thee better than thou canst devise ," ' said Observant Ollie, a bystander.
Mercutio then went to aid romeo by picking up his sword and went to fight Tybalt. Then Romeo went to stop the feud. Romeo placed his body inbetween the two fighters to try to get them to calm down and to stop confronting each other. Tybalt saw this as his chance and stabbed his opponent under the sleve of Romeo's garb. This was a fatal wound for Mercutio and while Tybalt fled, Benvolio and Romeo stayed to mourn their cousin's death.
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The Cat's Persuer

After the number of people at the crime scene decreased and Mercutio's corpse had been recovered by the respected family. Many people had reported to the police another confrontatian that was taking place. This was at 4:58 in the afternoon. The twoparticipants of the brawl were in fact participants of the previous fight as well. Tybalt was apparently trying to flee from town in order to avoid the wrath of the authoroties, and Romeo (who had vowed to kill Tybalt for the murder of his friend) did not repeat the mistake of taking the pacifist's approach to the so called King Of Cats. "That lanky one was red with rage,' commented Agnes Casacrini, 'His face was a shade of red similar to that of the Devil's skin,'

Another one bites the dust

At about 5:27, Romeo had tracked tybalt down to a wide alley. Was the information given to us by a witnesser .The feline, sensed that it was being hunted, turned around ready to pounce at his chaser. Their battle was seen by the village crier, Loud Mouth Bill. Bill described the fight as 'one of the fastest he had ever seen' according to the onlooker it was over in a series of parrys and thrusts, but suddenly Romeo seized the King of Cats's (according to members of the public he has escaped many a fight without so much but a scrape) ninth life and struck him down. Very shortly after many more witnesses gathered and when asked about Romeo many said that he had fled before too many people arrived.
One of the people who had arrived very shortly after Romeo had arrived was in fact the Prince himself. We have reason to belive that the Prince was in fact related to Mercutio, so obviously very shaken up by the time he arrived, He was even more infuriated so when he heard that Romeo had comitted treason as well. The Prince now had no excuse to be biased to his relations family. His next action was to exile Romeo from ever coming back to Verona. As if the onlookers didn't think this was harsh, Lady Capulet tried to convince the Prince to send out hunters to avenge her son's death. It is obvious to us, that these two familyss hold an ancient grudge for each other, for reasons we cannot even begin to fathom.