Presentation for Interview

Tanya Roberts

Teaching, Trials and Triplets

I have been a teacher for 18 years. Prior to coming to Carlisle-Foster's Grove Elementary School, I taught for 10 years in Spartanburg District 6 at Jesse Bobo Elementary. I earned my Master's Degree shortly after beginning my teaching career from Converse College in Early Childhood. I also earned my 30+ while teaching in District 6. I received my National Board Certificate in Early Childhood in 2010. I had triplets in February of 2010. Once they began CFG this year, I observed how exhilerating and rewarding teaching 4K must be. I never thought I would consider 4K but when the opportunity arose, I decided to explore it. After watching my triplets grow and learn so much this year I saw what an adventure it was.

My own experience with my triplets has enlightened my view for the need for early interventionists. My children were served through early interventionists (PT, OT, and speech). Jaycen continues to be served through our CFG speech program.

Instruction & Student Engagement

2nd Grade vs. 4K

Student engagement is so crucial in elementary school. As a mom of triplets I know how quickly children can "get into things."


I realize that my teaching style will change should I become a 4K teacher.

~ More hands-on discovery

~ More workstations

~ Different risk-taking opportunities

~ Develop independence

~ Building self-confidence

~ More song and play

~ Develop a love for learning

~ Strong foundational learning (alphabet, shapes, numbers, etc.)

~ Fine motor and gross motor skills

~ Establish need for life skills

~ Listening and following directions while at school

Classroom Management


~ Workstations

~ 2 teacher led small groups

~ Informal and formal observations

~ Formative assessments

~ Free play and structured play

Classroom Management is a top skill of mine. Obviously God must have thought I was good at it because He blessed me with triplets!

Rigor & Setting High Expectations

~ mentor texts

~ teacher modeling

~ encourage risk taking

~ gradual release of responsibility

~ working toward SAMR model

~ building student's self confidence

Communication with Stakeholders

Staying in close contact with parents, administration and other staff (LLI, speech, resource, ESOL, etc.) is a strong suit of mine. It is crucial to children's learning.

  • weekly newsletters (hard copy and electronic)
  • Remind 101
  • graded papers weekly with classroom updates

Next year:

See Saw app (parent communication)


Technology is crucial to today's learning environment. Some technology/websites/apps that I use often are:

Data Driven

Analyzing data is essential to meeting the needs of all learners. Students are not just a number but we must make sure we know what they need to be a successful learner.

  • DRA/Instructional Reading Level
  • MAPS
  • Independent Reading Level

"It's Not a One Size Fits All Classroom"

  • flexible groupings
  • homogenous grouping(s)
  • heteregenous grouping(s)
  • proactive parent communication (struggling students, RTI)

Professional Growth

  • Professional Growth meetings at CFG
  • iPad class
  • Reflex Math Program online training
  • Science Standards Commitee
  • Science Standards Curriculum Writing Committee
  • Flipping the Classroom Mini-Workshop by Matt Johnson
  • Blendspace Mini-Workshop by Donna Easler
  • Google Mini-Workshop by Michelle Call
  • CFG Technology Committee
  • Furman Conferences
  • Mentor Training