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March 16 - 20, 2015

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EOY Fidelity Check - Brian

As we get ready for end of year fidelity checks, I wanted to do a quick check to see if anyone has input for revisions to the Guided Reading IC. Is there any wording that you feel needs to be revised? Are there any areas that need to be clarified? I want to make sure it meets your needs and the needs of teachers as it is being used. Please let me know by going on to the Elementary Job Alike Canvas page and providing input at the following link.

Professional Learning/Professional Work Day

Monday, March 16th, 8am

system wide

Summer school update and Blitz - Bret

As of Friday morning, summer school enrollment is 4,632 students. Here is the breakdown per elementary building:

McGregor = 63, Sunshine = 38

Weller = 62, Williams =64

Weaver = 78, Bissett = 52

Holland = 90, Mann = 88

Pittman = 95, Wilder = 91

Truman = 112, Hickory = 85

Westport = 77, Jeffries = 112

Twain = 151, Rountree = 159

Disney = 217, McBride = 189

Field = 237

Total Elementary = 2,060 students

Upon returning from Spring Break, please renew your encouragement of summer school participation for two reasons: 1) The break may have inspired parents to want to have their kiddos in summer school :-), and 2) The deadline to request district transportation is April 1.

Board of Education mtg

Tuesday, March 17th, 5:30pm

1359 E St Louis St

Springfield, MO

Teacher & Paraprofessional FTE review - J

Just an FYI- We are beginning the process of projections for next year. Naturally, this impacts FTE support at each site. Projections at same sites are easier than others, and this process tends to add anxiety. I will be connecting with you over the next few weeks to compare numbers.

Also, just planting a seed concerning paraprofessionals. As important resources, we never have enough of these individuals, and the the specific position/role they fill is constantly under review. At our upcoming Job Alike, I will share the specific status and challengs, and ask for some input in moving forward.

Senior Leadership & Ele Job Alike

Wednesday, March 18th, 9am


Senior Leadership (replacing All Principals Job Alike) with Dr. Jungmann starts at 9am on Wednesday, March 18 (this is an hour later than what has been our regular start time) As usual, our elementary portion will follow after the combined meeting. If you have any items you wish to be considered as agenda items, please send them J's way...
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