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May, 5th, 2015

<Issue #13>

Please take a look at the entries for this week to be "In the Know" as it relates to resources coming out of the Learning Commons.

Updates, Tips and Reminders

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Huxtable is pulling a Kevin Love

Melissa is out today and tomorrow. Kyle and the Learning Commons Technicians will be happy to process your work requests but please plan accordingly.

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VDI and Downloadable Applications (e.g. Sketch Up)

VDI was featured last week as a great resource to access Java based platforms such as Gizzmos or Phet Simulations. This week would like to encourage you to use VDI whenever you need to run an application that requires an initial application download and/or project saving that isn't online.

An example of this would be Sketch Up. Sketch Up must be downloaded and then installed on a computer and projects are saved to the device. In the past, students using a Chromebook or who do not have user permission to install programs on their own computers could not use their device and would have to borrow Lenovos from us. This is no longer the case with VDI. If we are given advanced notice, we can install the program on to our VDI and student can access and save within the portal.

Starting next year, we will no longer need to provided additional sets of computers for such scenarios because of this development within VDI!

Lets review how to access VDI using a Chromebook:

1) Download the Citrix Receiver App for Chrome Browser: Click Here while viewing this email in a Chrome Browser.

2) When prompted to enter a url use https://vid.foresthills.edu

3) Students will then log in using their first and last name user and their FH password.

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District Endorsed Software

We here at Nagel are amazing innovators. Teachers are finding new ways to engage students every day. Sometimes, however, our innovations can produce legal issues for our district. Laws regarding universal accessibility and protection of student information are very complicated and make integration a bit of a quandary at times. This is why Forest Hills Uses a District Endorsed Software program to support teachers in determining whether tools and resources are appropriate in your classroom.

We will be working on ways to streamline this process in the very near future but currently if you are not sure whether a tool is endorsed, or if you would like to request endorsement please send Kyle an email or stop by for a brief chat. All software and online tools that you require your students to use via a log in credential as a part of the learning process must be endorsed before using them in your classroom to protect your students, our school/district and you as an educator.

Some resources, tools, software and services do not technically require endorsement but it might not be a bad idea to put them through the process anyway. This also helps us to publicize its use so that other teachers can become aware of it and how it can be used for their classroom as well.

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SAVE THE DATE - Summer Learning Series - 6/8 through 6/11

When: Monday, June 8th - Thursday, June 11th

Time: 8:00 - 3:00

Why: This is a FREE opportunity to grow in your profession and get CEUs while doing it.

Who: We will have some outside resources but most session will be run by your colleagues from within FHSD!

What: Session descriptions will be forth coming. Just mark your calendars and make sure to be here if you can. You will not want to miss this year's line up of sessions.

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Cheap Graduate Credit Opportunity

Check out this graduate credit opportunity! The program is low cost and you get credit for doing what you already do over the summer. I have taken a class through these folks and the response time is awesome. I was able to get a get a grade for the course within 1 day and a transcript of my credit was in my mailbox within the week!

Dominican University Innovative Curriculum Design

Access The Following Resources: