5th Grade 101

Mrs. Harris' Class Newsletter for 12/7/15

What We Did Last Week

In Math we learned all about plotting points and graphing equations on a coordinate grid. Students really did a great job with this and were very impressed with themselves because they were able to create an equation with 2 variables and then graph them!

In Science we learned all about what materials effect light energy. We discovered what happens to light when we reflect it and refract it. We learned about different lenses and what they cause light rays to do. we also discovered that the light we see is actually a combination of the color spectrum. We broke up white light to prove it and described why the color spectrum always follows the same order of colors (ROYGBIV). This week was full of OOOOHs and AAAWWWs during a 2 day lab.

BTW...3 of the 4 missing lenses did turn up. Thank you for those of you who were helpful during the investigation.

What We Are Doing This Week

In Math we will be investigating measurement conversions with customary and metric measurements. Students have a video to watch on Tuesday about this. We set up out journals with the Guided Practice pages for their notes.

In Science we will review for the Science DPM on Monday, take the DPM on Tuesday, finish or analyze the DPM on Wednesday, then move into investigating thermal energy.

My morning group will have their electric energy projects due on Friday. I have been listening to their design plans and am excited to see what they create! I bet they will be even better than last year's!


Math: DMH Week 14 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday; Video on Measurement Conversions on Tuesday

Science: Part 2 Week 6, Study for DPM

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 12/8: Science DPM

Friday 12/18: Holiday Party 9:15; Please RSVP by completing the red form sent home on Friday if you have not already done so.

12/21-1/5: Winter Break