What's New in CCS Gifted Education?

3rd Quarter Edition

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20 Cabarrus County Teachers Attend State Gifted Conference! CCS Teacher Kris Harlan is finalist for State AIG Teacher of the Year!

Each year NCAGT sponsors a state gifted conference for teachers to learn countless strategies to engage and challenge their gifted students. This year Cabarrus County had 20 teachers in attendance at the conference, including a large group of 12 teachers from the middle and high school levels! It was amazing to see teachers from all levels, K-12, committed to learning more about reaching our gifted learners!

Two of the amazing presenters from the Conference will join CCS in August to conduct PD. The first is titled "50 Ways to Leave Your Lecture" and the second is "Creating TEDTalks in the Classroom". We look forward to sharing these strategies in August with 3-12 teachers!

During the conference, 3 teachers were recognized as state finalists for Gifted Educator of the Year. This year our very own Kris Harlan, an AIG specialist at Pitt School Elementary, was chosen for this honor. Her commitment to meeting the needs of the "whole gifted child" were recognized on a state level.

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Rube Helps STRETCH AP Student Thinking

AP Biology Students at Central Cabarrus High School are being asked to think about the systems of the human body in a "different way".

The Challenge: Draw a Rube Goldberg cartoon-type diagram or model to demonstrate how the components of the immune system interact to rid the body of a pathogen. Students presented their creations to the class. Now THAT'S some higher level thinking!

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AIG students from Wolf Meadow Elementary, working in the JA Biztown newspaper office, rush to meet their deadlines and sell newspapers. AIG students in schools across Cabarrus county participate in Junior Achievement curriculum each year to learn about the economy and successful business skills. The final event is a simulation of a student driven economy and community at JA Biztown in downtown Charlotte. Students are able to put all of their learning into action! Many CCS students go on to attend the Biztown Summer Camps to continue their knack for business and entrepreneurship!

Congratulations 2016 N.C. Governor's School Students!

Colin D. Whiteley: Choral Music (Bass): Jay M. Robinson

Alexandra C. Thurber: English: Northwest Cabarrus

Hannah Ross Patten: English: Concord

Tatiana C. Portell: English: Mount Pleasant

Calista N. Sherriff: Math: Jay M. Robinson

Kyle B. Moran: Math: Jay M. Robinson

Milan Y. Patel: Natural Science: Central Cabarrus

Ester Lin: Social Science: Hickory Ridge

Landon T. Bost: Social Science: Concord

Anderlyn E. Smith: Theater: Hickory Ridge

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