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Madison was born in San Antonio, Texas. She was an only child, so her parents had high expectations. Also she started Tae kwon do at age 10 and became a black belt at age 12.

She started school at Bulverde Creek with it's fun learning environment and loving teachers. Soon she was excepted into the GT class with the magnificent Mrs. Germadnik. Mrs. Germadnik helped Madison and gave her many tips to get where she is today.

Madison spent her middle school years at Tejeda and her high school years at Johnson. Her good grades led her into Harvard University where she got her degree in science and engineering.

After many attempts and failures Madison finally perfected the first Water Powered Car. This invention has helped the world in so many ways. 1. No more high gas prices 2.No more polluted air 3. No more gas shortages and many more.....

Madison is working on another world changing invention and she hopes it makes a huge impact just like her last.

Well Known quotes by Madison

  • "Live Life to the weirdest."
  • "Laugh, love tae kwon do."
  • "Play hard, play fair."
  • "I told you so."

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