By Leo Chen


In Colonial times, there were many craftsmen that did a lot of things. First,the Gunsmith

was important because they made guns and cannons for hunting and self-protection. Next, the Blacksmith was important because they made iron things that we could use. Finally, the Silversmith was important because they made silverware and plates that they could eat with. In conclusion, craftsmen made their life easier by making guns and cannons; making iron materials; and making silverware and plates.


The reason why people call one of the craftsmen Gunsmith is because they make guns and cannons. First of all,Gunsmith are really skilled at craving. That's how they good barrels.

Second Gunsmith not only make guns but also fix them. That's why they were so busy because they have to make and fix guns. They make guns that is 6 feet in length! Gunsmith also make firearms of all kinds. Within the range the firearms made by gunsmith were as accurate as weapons today. They make and repair guns by hand. The guns were not only nicely made but also accurate. People who make these are called Gunsmith.


Blacksmith is also part of the craftsmen, because they worked with black iron. That is why people call them Blacksmith. Blacksmith controlled a forge by using a bellow. The bellow blows at the fire to make it bigger or smaller. The Blacksmith shop was located at the corner of two main roads so it easier to find. Many Colonists needed object made from iron. Blacksmith could also act as a Veterinarians or a Dentist. Blacksmith stand between the forge and the anvil so he could forge the iron then shape it quickly. Overall Blacksmith help people around him by making tools to use; making iron hoops for children to play with;and making everyone's life easier.


Craftsmens also includes Silversmith who make things out of precious metals. Silversmith can be a banker or a Craftsmens. They make silver coins into silverwears,plates,cups,bowls,

spoons and more. They prevent silver coins from being stolen. Silversmith have to be a patient guy to make bowls or cups. Silversmith need to turn melted silver into a mold or ingot. They have to determine how much silver he needs to make something. They place the ingot on the anvil and pound it into something he needs to make the object. After all, Silversmith is not only a Craftsmen but also a banker. They keep people's money safe; and they make silver coins into silverwears.


There were many skilled craftsmen during Colonial times. There were not only Gunsmith,

Blacksmith and Silversmith but there's more other kinds of craftsmen out there.Gunsmith

made and fixed firearms to let people protect themselves.Blacksmith made iron tools to use and games to play,made people's life easier. Silversmith made silverwears and plates out of silver coins. They provided protections for people's silver coins. Last but not the least, Craftsmen during Colonial times they provided protection and made things that people's life much easier.


1 .Anvil-a iron block that all smiths use.

2.Forge-a tool that a blacksmith use to make things.

3.Firearm-a type of gun.



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