Babi Yar

By: Landon Thomson

What is Babi Yar?

Babi Yar was a ravine in Kiev, Ukraine. Babi Yar took place of multiple massacre by German forces. Also by local collaborators during their campaign against the Soviet Union. All the action made, not only at Babi Yar but the whole war, was controlled and decided by Adolf Hitler.
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What was Babi Yar used for?

Babi Yar was used for a burial ground for Jews killed by Nazi. In 1941, Adolf Hitler orders to exterminate all Jews and Soviet officials found in Kiev. special Soldiers carries out Hitlers torturous Plan. Soldiers force Jews to march to Babi Yar ravine. Soldiers ordered Jews to strip naked, and stand by the ravine. Soldiers shot and killed the Jews and threw them into the ravine. The Jews were pilled in the ravine and covered up with dirt and rock.
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Who was the victims of Babi Yar?

The victims of Babi Yar were Jews, Prisoners of War, Communist, and Roman. The estimated death toll of Babi Yar was estimated to be around 100,000. The biggest Massacre that took place in Babi Yar was in late September of 1941. The massacre killed 34,000 Jews. The massacres is believed to be the largest single most massacres in history of the holocaust.
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