The 4 C's Skills

Grace Webner

What You Will Be Learning

You will be learning how to use the 4 c's, communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. You will need to use these skills when you are working with a group or person. Scroll down and start learning


When you are working in a group you need to have the skill communication. If you don't have this skill you won't be able to give your ideas! You can share your thoughts on Gmail, text messages, phone calls or you can share them in person. If you use Gmail, click sign in with a different account then add account.


To work in a group you need to collaborate with your fellow partners. To do this you need share your ideas, expertise, and your talent on whatever topic you are doing. For example if I was in a group I would need to show them everything about this topic. If I have no background knowledge, go out and learn about it! To learn more about whatever subject go to the website Destiny.


When you are working in a group, you want to bring out your creativity. If you don't like something or maybe it is just a problem in your project, try looking at things in different angles. Think outside the box, because you never know what you will find.

Critical Thinking

Last, but not least, always look at your work. You might have some kinks. When present your amazing work you don't want to look like fool. You want to make sure everything is great. If you do have some problems or kinks use your creativity to solve this problem.

Thanks For Reading

Like I said in the title, thanks for reading! I hope I have helped you learn more about the 4 Cs! Remember, always use the skills communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking!