Vietnam Reading Assignment

Karen Pintor, Sierra Ferguson


Song of Napalm:

The song f napalm is a bout a solder telling a story of himself having a slash back to when they dropped a napalm. He saw a girl that was on fire. He remember the village being burned by the Napalm.

The Man I Killed:

This chapter is about a man name Kiowa killing this young Vietcong soldier. Kiowa was describing what the young mans body looked like and how this young man was laying. Kiowa used very graphic words to describe the mans body Kiowa would then start to look at how his like would have been if this young Vietcong soldier would have lived if he was not in the war. He also thought about what his life was before the war.

Important Passages:

Through out the story there are a lot of important passages that describe their pains and struggles that the platoon went through in the war.

one of the main passages that describes this is when the platoon describes how bad they felt after killing the young Vietnamese man. as described in the passage, they all felt really bad because it was the first man they killed. they even started thinking about the things that he could have done if they wouldn't have killed him. as described in the chapter, ''Even as a boy growing up in the village of My Khe, he had often worried about this. He imagined covering his head and lying in a deep hole and closing his eyes and not moving until the war was over.'' they all imagined how his life could have been and what he went through in his life.

Just like in the passage, the poem : song of napalm by Bruce Weigl, he tried to ease his memories of the people who were affected by napalm. in his flashbacks like the other people in the platoon he tries to make up for the horrible visions that he gets in front of them.

Discussion Questions

1. How did this guy have the flashback to the Napalm dropping and the little girl on fire?

2. Do you think that Kiowa can continue his life normally after killing that man?

3. Do you think that this man has PTSD because of the flashbacks he has?

4. Do you think that Kiowa and the man in the poem can relate? and explain how?

Edwin Starr - War (What Is It Good For?)
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We chose this image because those are the attacks of napalm attacks that Vietnamese people had to go through. these are the attacks that the girl from the poem had gone through.