My Bucket List

By : Lolwa Gad El Karim

1.Island Of The Dolls

The story behind the island of the dolls is that a little girl drowned in the river on the island and Don Julian ( the care keeper of the island) Began to hang up dolls to show respect to the girls spirit. Legand says that the girls spirit possesses the dolls. I would like to go because I would like to see the dolls escially at night. In 2001 Don Julian died. He drowned in the same river the girl drowned.

2. Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania is home to the one and only tasmanian devil and is a great place to beat the heat. i want to go to Tasmania to see the wildlife and swim on the beaches. There are even caves you can go into. In one seaside town named Bicheno you can see little pinguins as they leave the water at night. You can even raft in the Franklin River!

3. Great Barrier Reef , Australia

The Great Barrier Reef Contains over 3000 reef systems. I want to go to the great barrier reef because i want to swim with all the fish there. You can scuba dive, go on a cruise, or go snorkeling. You can even go on helicopter tours! You can stay at amasing hotels on your trip to the great barrier reef.