Mrs. Birkland's Kindergarten Class

Room 108



This week’s letters were Oo , The Cat ON the Chari and Bb, Bat the Ball. Ask your child the sign for Oo and the Bb sound. With Oo we drew another picture of a cat and taped him on top of our chair. With the /b/ sound we did a sort of words that began with /b/ and words that did not. We also searched for our letters in poems. We read “O Is Very Useful” a Dr. Seuss poem and "Baa Baa Black Sheep." Make sure to read these poems at home as they come home in your child’s daily folder. During this time we also worked on our kindergarten high frequency words. This week we learned 3 more. We learned am, yes, no.

Letters We have studied

Ss , Nn, Tt, Mm, Aa, Rr, Ii, and Ff, Hh, Uu, Dd, Cc, Kk, Oo, Bb

Sight Words We have practiced-PLEASE PRACTICE AT HOME!!!

I, see, the, you, me, my, can, a, in, is, and, we, an, on, am, yes, no

Numbers 0-10

This week was full of reviewing the math concepts we have learned so far. It was also full of assessing. This quarter some of our objectives were to count to 20 and beyond!, identify numbers through 10, write our numbers from 0-10, count quantities and write their amount, tell if a number or quantity is greater than, less than, or equal to another. Next week we will spend more time working with all the ways we can make the different numbers, getting us ready for adding 2nd quarter. We can't wait!

Marvelous ME!

This week we wrapped up a study this quarter on how we are each special and unique and have something to offer. We read many more great books focusing on the idea and spent time each day making a part of our marvelous me people. Want to know what I am talking about? Come to our Parent Teacher Conferences next week to find out! They will be on display above our bulletin board. :)

iPads and Lexia

We have still not been give the okay for the iPad update. So, please do NOT update to iOS 9 just yet. Our tech department has some work to do to prepare for it first and then we will let you know when it is okay.

We all made our Lexia minutes this week. So, please do not have your child get on them at home this weekend. Thank you so much!

Snow cone party-thanks to your hard work and fundraising, our class raised the most money for the readathon!

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Tech Corner

We continue to integrate technology into our lessons daily. One of the apps I am most excited to share with you at conferences is our SeeSaw app. It is a digital portfolio of some of their learning. We add pictures of our work there all the time. One of the neat features is that it allows me to make video lessons and add it to your child's folder. They can then get some instruction with some skills that they need a little more work with before mastering.

Parent Teacher Conference Schedule

Here is a link to our conference schedule. I am looking forward to meeting with you next week. Please do your best to be on time. I have the conferences scheduled back to back. Thanks!

Our Name of the Day Friends

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We are in need of a few items in our room:

  • hershey kisses
  • skittles
  • starburst
  • small toy items for our store on Friday (small things that can fit in our treasure box like items you would buy for a goodie bag, at US TOY, or you would get at McDonald's and such)

Snack and Share

Our snack and share students next week are:



Emma K.


*Please remember that we are a peanut free classroom. Check out the peanut free snack list for acceptable snacks.

I Wonder (Things to ask your child at home)

  • What was your favorite thing at school and why?
  • Can you tell me what number comes after 5?
  • What number is more: 3 or 8? How do you know?
  • What number is less? 6 or 5? Why?

Just a Few Reminders

  • All students need a change of clothes labeled in a large baggie or plastic bag. If you have not sent one in yet, please do so.
  • Water bottles are welcome on PE days. They exercise a lot and cannot be going out to get drinks all the time, so if they want a drink, they need to bring a water bottle.

Specials Schedule for next week

Monday-Specials Free Day

Tuesday-Specials Enrichment Day

Wednesday-Enrichment Day Showcase

Thursday-Yellow Brick Celebration

Dates to Remember


13th-Parent Teacher Conferences*

15th-Early Release @ 2:10

15th-Parent Teacher Conferences*

16th-No School

*Scholastic Book Fair will be open for purchases during the hours of our Parent Teacher Conferences