Night Of The Twisters

by Ivy Ruckman

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The story is set in Grand Island Nebraska the ,states capitol is Lincoln ,the Platte river is a major river ,and a famous landmark is Chimney Rock

some other carecters

mom, dad, Mrs. Smiley, and Ryan.


Dan and Arthur went to aunt goldy's house for crafts then went to the beach. At the beach they met Stacy and Ronnie Vei they asked if they could hop on the back of the bikes but Dan said no. When they got home they set the table for dinner. After dinner their mom left and the tornado hit. They were trapped in the basement. Stacy helped them out and helped Dan find his mom. After that they found mom they sent her to k-mart and helped Mrs.smiley out of her basement. They sent her to k-mart too. They got in a police car and went back to the police station. They slept in a jail sell. In the last part of the book he found his dad mom and brother.

problem and solution

One problem was that Dan and Arthur got stuck in the basement and the solution was Stacy found them. Another problem was Ryan got stuck in the turbine the solution was Dan yanked it from the sealing.