2nd Trimester

By: MaKena, Addie, Jadon, and Ashli

Month 4

In month four the baby developed sexual differentiation. if the baby has two X chromosomes then it will be a girl, if the baby has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome then it will be a boy. If the baby is a boy it will also develope androgens, which are hormones produced by males. The baby is three inches long and will develope many things in month four such as: eyelids, and an amniotic membrane.

Month 6

In month 6 the baby is 13inches long, fingernails are growing and langugo is also growing. The vernix is developed and protects the baby from infection and AIDS in delivery. The amniotic fluid is present and keeps the baby warm, provides lubrication, and allows the baby to move more easily. Month 6 is also when the mother can see if she's developed twins. Identical twins start from a single cell, and dater all twins are from two fertilized cells.