Jenny Windom

Educator | Dancer | Video Game Nerd


My name is Jenny Windom. While my childhood was spent moving every 2-3 years (my dad was in the military), I've made a home in Beaverton, Oregon with my husband, Sam, and two cats, Rosie and Scrambles. Besides spending time with my family and friends, my passion lies in dance education, performing, and continuing to train and improve myself as a dancer/aerialist!

A Brief History

Classroom Teacher | 2010 - 2014

After I graduated with my degree in Anthropology and a MS/HS endorsement to teach Social Studies, my husband and I moved to Alaska. I moved there to teach, he moved because I moved...and he loved the idea of Alaskan fishing and being in the wilderness. We lived in Unalakleet, where I taught ELA, Social Studies, Math, P.E., Health, and 2nd Grade....all the the same year! In our middle school - which was actually embedded in the K-12 school for the entire village - we had two teachers and about 35 students total. Very tiny!

After leaving Alaska so Sam could pursue a degree in video game concept art and design, I taught in Forest Grove for a brief time, but ended up chosing to take a break from the classroom to pursue a personal dream: developing a professional dance career.

Dancer | 2014 - Present

I'm currently still an educator...but in a slightly different capacity. The dance studio is now my classroom, and I teach dance full-time at 4 major studios in the Portland/Vancouver area, in addition to working as a core dancer and producer for 11: Dance Co. I'm also part of the management team preparing to open a dance studio in Portland, and part of my role is to develop the curriculum and foundation for students coming in to train at our facility.

Here is the trailer for last year's show, which was 11: Dance Co's debut. As both the producer and a core dancer for this company, I feel very fortunate to have found a group of creative and dedicated people who are now my second family.

Eleven: Official Trailer

Random + Fun

  • I am a HUGE video game fan
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy are my favorite genres to read (but I love reading as a whole, and will read anything).
  • A few of my nicknames include: Winders, Wisdom, J-Win, and Cupcake.
  • I have lived in South Korea, New Zealand, Germany, France, and numerous states in the US.
  • I can make my face look uncannily like "Grumpy Cat"...frown and all. This may or may not be considered a "skill", depending on which of my friends you talk to.
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Nice to meet you!