Internet safety

Everything you need to know about the internet.

What To Look Out For

When surfing the internet, never EVER click on pop ups and adds from any site. It could be someone trying to browse all of your internet history and personal information. (example of pop ups below)

What Could Happen

If you give away personal information away on the internet, many things could happen. There are certain pieces of information that should be kept a secret, like your full name, address and age. Other information like a facebook page should be kept a secret from people you do not know. Do not give away usernames and/or passwords for any website you have an account for.

How To Prevent It

Never answer to spam emails or messages from unknown senders. If you do not know who it is, then do not respond. never click on anything that has something like "Win a free Ipad today!" or anything like it; it is most likely a scam and could put unwanted viruses on your electrical devices.

Online Games

When signing up for MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games, never reveal your real name, address, age or any other personall information. It could have disastrous results. There are many people who play online games (The creater included) But there are also many people who try to take advantage of the young kids who play these games. Not everyone is who they appear to be online.

Internet Stalkers

When on social media websites never post details about where you are going and what you are doing there. Not all of the people on the internet are who you think they are. Some people will make fake accounts to talk to you and get information about you. Never talk to people that you do not know.

What Viruses Can Do

Viruses are very dangerous, some tell you to pay money, others can track everything you do on your computer. Always make sure you have an antivirus software on your computer and make sure any downloads come from a reliable source.

What To Do When A Stalker Starts Talking To You

If a someone you do not know starts talking to you IGNORE IT and DO NOT RESPOND to anything they send. If they do not go away tell a teacher or a parent. Make sure you know who they are in person and if you do not know them do not talk to them because they may be trying to get information about you.