Agricultural Engineer

Plant Your Future by: Ethan Buergi 4th hour

10 facts about being an Agricultural Engineer

1. Devolope systems to provide food and fiber

2. They work/bond with farmers, engineers, and other scientists

3. Work on solutions to planting

4. Work on solutions to harvesting

5. Work on solutions to storing crops

6. Must have a bachelors degree

7. Employers will find good employment opportunities

8. Make 44,000 to 115,000 annually

9. Envirermental and soil science are related occupations

10. Mostly work in a lab, but sometimes you go on field trips

Helpful Highschool Courses to help you Succeed

1. Agronomy

2. Calculus

3. Physics

4. Statistics and Probability

5. Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra

3 Pros and 3 cons


1. Make a substancial amount of money at the advanced level of 115,000. This is a pro because it is enough to support me so I can get all my basic needs and go on a vacation once in awhile.

2. Work with others. This is important because I like not just working on my own, working with others is big to me.

3. Solving problems. This is a pro because I like solving problems.


1. Not many colleges in Wisconsin. I would like to go to college in Wisconsin because it is less money than out of state and so I can stay close to family.

2. Work in a lab. This is a con because I wan to be outside next to what I'm researching and not go to the same workplace everyday.

3. Not the exact job. Most places don't have the exact job.

3 Colleges you can attend

The University of Maryland

Address: College Park, MD 20742, USA


1. Public school

2. Cheap

3. Teachers care about your education


1. Out of state

2. Not the real job

3. Face competition

North Carolina State University

Address: Raleigh, NC 27695


1. Work with plants

2. Bond with others

3. Work on field trips


1. Out of sate

2. Work in labs

3. Not a diverse school racially

Iowa State University

Address: Ames, Iowa 50011


1. Learn about plants

2. Learn the changes of the world

3. Work to improve things


1. Out of state

2. Lots of money

3. Continue training

Associations/Organizations you can join for this career

WDNR (Wisconsin Department of Natrual Resources)

ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education)

Address: 1818 N Street N.W. Suite 600 | Washington DC 20036

Job Advertisment for Agricultural Engineer

Do you like solving problems and working with plants? Then an agricultural engineer is for you. In this occupation you will develop new solutions to planting problems such as planting, harvesting, and storing crops. In this occupation you must have at least a bachelors degree and you make a substantial amount of money from the entry amount of 44,000 to the experienced amount of 115,000 dollars. You also don't just work in labs, you can work on farms and ranches to find solutions. So if you are interested in the job then contact the WDRN or the ASEE and sign up today.