CUPT Program Social Media Update

Facts and figures from the past 6 months


  • 397 people “Like” our facebook page, up from 240
  • Of these people, 71% are female and the most represented age group range remains the 25 to 34 years old (47%)
  • 82% of these people are located in the USA
  • Our most popular post was PT Ice Cream social event
  • PTCAS is the top external website referring to our facebook page


  • We have 569 followers, up from 341
  • Of these, 57% are female and the most represented age group range is shard between 0-20 (21%) and 20-40 years old (21%)
  • We average 4 tweets per week
  • Most popular recent tweet was "Dr. Stevens-Lapsley's article about early NMES in TKA has won the @APTATweets Jack Walker Award!"
  • More in-depth statistics available here


  • We have 56, followers, up from 43
  • Photos are pushed to facebook and twitter automatically
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Klout is a third party service that indexes social media influence. Here are scores for PT programs as of July 28:

Pacific Univ PT, 50

CUDenverPT, 49

Pitt, 44

Regis, 41


U Washington, 36

Northwestern, 35

UW Madison, 26

Arcadia, 25

Log 'N Blog 2013

The event has raised $34,777 for the Foundation. The competition ends in October 2013.

Current milage for the CUPT Team:

Swimming, 310 miles
Ranked #3

Biking, 8701 miles

Ranked #5

Running, 6397 miles

Ranked #6