Special Area Update

Beginning Wednesday, December 16

Revised Wednesday Remote Learning Schedule

Dear Families,

The information below outlines a revised model for Remote Wednesdays to provide students with an opportunity to meet virtually with their cycle special area teacher.

  • The classroom teacher will continue to conduct a virtual Morning Meeting on Wednesdays.

  • Your child's special area cycle teacher will now offer a live session. This lesson will take the place of the recorded or asynchronous session for the week. The time and link for this lesson will be shared prior to and/or on Wednesday, December 16. You may check the special area teacher's Schoology page or your child's homeroom teacher daily plan.

  • After the live lesson, your child will continue to complete the asynchronous work for the other four special area classes.

What is the schedule for my child's cycle special area class?

As stated above, students/families will be provided with a link and a specific time from the classroom teacher and/or the special area teacher (on cycle). Please look for this link prior to and/or on Wednesday, December 16.

Kindergarteners will engage in a live session for approximately 15 minutes.

Students in grades 1-5 will engage in a live session for approximately 20 minutes.

Please keep in mind, that the special area teachers will do their best to engage students with their content without their typical in-school resources. The special area teacher may begin the lesson and allow students time to work and practice independently after the session is over.

Why are we adding live sessions for special areas?

As we remain remote, students are eager for live interaction. Our special area courses allow an outlet for students to engage in the arts, digital literacy/media, and physical education. Therefore, we would like to provide the special area cycle class live so our students have the opportunity to engage with a special area teacher. Students are still expected to complete the assignments from their non-cycle special area classes along with their weekly Spanish/World Language lesson on Wednesdays.

What will be unique about Wednesday, December 23?

In lieu of a virtual meeting on December 23, some schools may have scheduled a school-wide sing along event. Keep in mind, this may replace the special area scheduled meeting. However, all schools will be back on schedule on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.

Previous Remote Wednesday Schedule

Please review the previous communication regarding our former Remote Wednesday schedule by clicking the link below.

Virtual Etiquette

Please review the previous communication regarding virtual etiquette. This applies to all virtual lessons, including those conducted by special area teachers. Thank you!