Snapshot of 21st Century Learning

Week 5 Term 4

New Curriculum

The Making of an English Unit - Created by Lucinda Farrell and shared at the Hillsborough PS meeting of the Primary Executive Reference Group in Newcastle.

Also shared at this meeting was an Unit Rubric - created by Belair PS and Thinking about Programming - created by Lisa Lewis for the Primary Executive Reference Group and shared by Emma Stothard. Thank you Emma for facilitating this sharing.

Chris Fraser Units - Hitler's Daughter Stage 3 and The Gruffalo Stage 1, which Melissa Gane collaboratively planned with Chris.

Karen Knobel has created an excellent persuasion unit on Not So Far, Far Away for Stage 1

Warners Bay PS - Shared their English Scope and Sequence via their website


Literacy Continuum Logs Comprehension K-6 - Created by L Chase

These trackers assist teachers to plan fro assessing their primary students' reading comprehension. They are to prompt teachers to include inferential questions. The Super 6 skills are useful.

Cross Curricula Texts on Sustainability - V Harris Pinterest

Years 7-10 Literacy Continuum in both PDF and excel, created by Deb Hogg

Comprehension Pinterests - a variety of pinterests, with interesting ways to teach comprehension, these pinterests were sourced from Steph Westwood

Steph Westwood has also shared her speaking homework activity

Learning Experiences which Assess Literacy Continuum Behaviours - Lizzie Chase

Comprehension Strategy Posters - 17 strategies eg main idea, finding meaning in context, recalling facts, summarising the text.

Text Type Resource

A Good Writers Poster + A Good Readers Poster

Graphic Organisers

Grammar - Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Prepositions - thanks Steph!

Recipes to Good Writing -excellent free resource


TEN Symbaloo - Created by J Dowling, which contains useful links for TEN.

Money Smart - Helping Children to become Money Smart - These teaching packages have been produced to support the implementation of the New Curriculum, using consumer and financial literacy, as a context for teaching English, Mathematics and Science.


iPad Configurator - Created by G Garling. Georgia presented this to an iPad meeting at Port Kembla PS and it provides tips on how to successfully set up iPads using the configurator.

42 QR Codes Resources

New photo apps include - aTypo Picture Pro App and Mix Booth App

Web 2 Tools

46 Tools To Make Infographics In The Classroom

Wordsift - a Web 2 tool similar to Wordle

Spiderscribe - a brainstorming Web 2 tool

Story Jumper - a Web 2 story creator tool

Cyber Safety

Child Focus E - Safety movie - An animated movie with no spoken words but the visual message is clear.


Turtle Diary Games and Turtle Diary Videos - Steph Westwood discovered this great site and it has a wide range of online videos for all KLAs and games.

Bits and Bytes - Updates

Tony Ryan's Thinkers Keys Resource

History - History Of The World - BBC Resource - This site uses 100 objects, from the British Museum and hundreds of objects from other museums, to tell the history of the world.

Earth Timeline - BBC Resource - Thanks to Viv and Karen for sourcing these BBC resources