Nuclear Fusion/Energy

Nickolis Anderson

Date and Discovery

August 24th, 1938 Richlands NC

Minutes ago my team MDA (Mineral Discovery Administration) and I Nickolis Anderson discovered a new aspect of Uranium and what we can use it for. This Greenish, Yellow rock was just tested by one of my assistants to tell whether or not we could use it as a reliable energy source instead of burning wood and coal, but what we discovered is something just beautiful. We call it Nuclear Fusion! This is the combination of atoms producing mass amounts of energy, but it also has a twist. As they combine into these energy flowing molecules they set off chain reactions onto other molecules creating more energy that sets off even more chain reactions! Using this we can create mass amounts of power with very little resources. This is the direct opposite of Nuclear Fission which is the splitting of atoms to create energy meaning that we have two ways to use this now.

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Safety concerns

Although this provides us with mass amounts of energy there is a catch. Using nuclear fusion to create energy produces radioactive waste which can be harmful to the health of anyone near the operations or facilities. There is also the chance of the Energy getting out of control which would cause massive explosions and destruction in the Power plants vicinity. in order to prevent this we authorize that anyone working in these environments wear protective gear such as Hazmat Suits while near Radioactive Waste, and to be vigilant and cautious of what you are doing in the Power Plant so that there wont be any accidents.
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Economic Impact

With the discovery of Nuclear Fusion we can have massive economic growth in energy Rates. They would probably lower due to the creation of more energy so we will have an abundant amount of power. This would make it unnecessary to rise the costs of energy consumption. With the introduction of Nuclear fusion there is soon to be a rise in Nuclear Energy in the Conventional Energy Market. This will be a valued source of energy since it does so much but requires so little. We can already see the future economy being lifted with this discovery. There wont be any limits on the amount of energy we can create although there will be a limit on how many Nuclear Power plants there are do to safety Concerns. This is the Future source of energy and it should be shared around the word.