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Quote of the Week...


"Thank God it's Monday!" - Eric Thomas

T.G.I.M Throwback Thursday Season 1: Episode 1


9/28/15 - Lesson Plans Updated/Posted

9/28/15 - EdPlan 3 Training in Computer Lab (Bring RTI Folder)

9/28/15 - Connections SLO Updates/Changes (Room 816 - 1st Planning)

9/29/15 - McTeach Night (6th Grade)

9/29/15 - Math/SS Collab Planning

9/30/15 - ELA/SCI Collab Planning

10/31/15 - EPMS PTSA 5k Zombie Run @ Lost Mountain Baptist Church

See a few options in the chart below for product differentiation...which ones have you used?

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School Improvement Plan - Where's your focus this week?

Teachers will collaborate to develop common, higher order questions that will be utilized in daily instruction and assessments.

Teachers will implement data driven differentiation within the classroom.

Writing in every classroom will be evaluated for writing conventions, and a school wide strategy for constructed response will be implemented.

This Week's Birthdays!

9/30 - Russ Burnett

10/3 - Debbie Tabler

Donkey Sings Happy Birthday to You (Best Friend version)
The Return from Fall Break....
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