January Week 3

Greeting Parents

The students had a busy week finishing up work before the end of the second quarters. They were great spelling test takers, creative scientist/ artists- since they made animal habitats, and inquisitive with lots of questions about every detail they encounter.
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What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts


We reviewed letters A-Z, digraphs, and initial blends.


The students defined the word “Habitat” on their vocabulary notebook.


1. Numbers 1-100

2. Tally Marks

3. Addition



  • We discussed hibernating animals habitats.
  • The students made animal homes using shoe boxes, construction paper, clay, and other arts and crafts materials.

Social Studies

Martin Luther King Jr.

We briefly discussed Martin Luther King Jr.'s family life and his role as a peacemaker.

Hibernation Collaborative Project

Reading Buddies

The students paired up with fourth Grader as reading buddies. They chose books for the fourth graders and for them to show off their reading skills.

Happy Birthday Vicky

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January 18th

  • School is closed/ MLK Jr. Day

January 20th

  • Field trip to Giant Food @ 9:30 AM-11 15 AM
  • Dress Code: Field trip shirt & jeans

January 21st

  • Formal day
  • Open House 10 AM- 3 PM

January 23rd

  • Open House @ 10 AM-1 PM
  • Early registration discount