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Available to help plan and assist

It is my job to help teachers and students. I would really like to work with more of you as you see a need. If there is a time when I can come to be part of your planning, please let me know.

Google Classroom

As the ELA teachers know, I used their Google classrooms to share a library orientation video and quiz with our students. My first attempt at "flipping" the library. The students practiced taking notes as they watched the video. We all loved it. It saved my voice during the first 2 weeks of school and I got good feedback on what students learned in an easy to read format. If you'd like to see, let me know. I also enjoyed looking out and seeing myself multiplied many fold as they worked.

BRMS Election Coming

With the election coming up, I would like to model the election process with our students. Four years ago, homerooms were assigned states and students voted as states. As I remember, Mitt Romney won by a landslide. I'm working on something similar for this year. Here are 2 links to online electoral maps that you may find interesting. and

Our digital magazine, Cobblestone, also has an issue from last year about the Presidents with articles about recent Presidents, a crossword puzzle, and a trivia game. I have a reminder about how to link to that and other magazines below.

Media Center by the numbers

1676 number of electronic books available to BRMS students and teachers

646 number of extra badges made for students already this year

549 number of independent library visitors since school started

60 number of ETS call tickets submitted since the year began

229 number of checkouts to Mrs. Bigger's homeroom during the past month

59 checkouts to Leah Dobson during the past month

39 checkouts to Isaac Davis during the past month

37 checkouts to Layne Cassada during the past month