By Alex Cognac

Alcohol facts

  1. Alcohol is a depressant derived from the fermentation of grains, fruits and vegetables
  2. A glass of wine, A bottle of beer and a shot of whisky contain the same amount of alcohol
  3. The legal driving limit in NC is .08
  4. There are more risks when you drink a lot and fast
  5. Damage done as a teen effects the rest of your life
  6. Each year about 5000 people die due to underage drinking
  7. Statistics show that more teens die from underage drinking than from illegal drugs
  8. Alcohol goes directly to the bloodstream, which is why it effects every system in the body
  9. Individuals with the same weight, but different muscle builds will differ in their BAC
  10. Heavier individuals will have a lower BAC than a lighter person even if they consume that same amount of alcohol