Augste Comte

By. Drew Nave


Comte was born in 1798, he rejected religion and his royalties to study society. He went to

Lycee Joffre and later attended the University of Montpellier and got honors all through schooling.

Contribution To Sociology Community


  • Founded Sociology
  • His explanation of positive philosophy
  • Theory of social evolutionism (Human Development)
  • Divided the study of sociology into two stacks (Social Statistics & Social Dynamics)
  • Upheld the moral order
  • Developed theory of consensus (Why do people disagree?)

  • Developed the theory of Learning (How do we process what we learn and are skills?)

  • Theory of Value (What skills are worth knowing?)
  • Theory of Human Nature (How do humans differ? What are our limits?)
  • Theory of Transmission (Who should teach? What methods should they use?)
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