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Odyssey Class Newsletter


Friday is our second e-day. This gives students a chance to: learn from home, spend time with the family and learn at the same time, teach parents a and siblings what their learning and count the day as an official day of school.

This day allows kids to get on the computer and review those skills they need to but don't always have at school due to sharing devices and completing other assignments. It also provides an opportunity to bring grades up in every class because the final score is considered a class grade in every subject. The assignments are never requiring students to complete work, to be graded for accuracy, that has not been previously taught.

Take advantage of this opportunity and look at it as a positive chance to share the learning experience with your child.

Better Basics : The MORE Program Essay Contest Winner

I am happy to announce that Dalia Ramirez won the essay contest that the MORE Program sponsors. Dalia had the opportunity to go to their main office and was videoed reading her essay. It will be played on the Jumbotron at Regions Field in May. All of the fourth graders have worked hard to read books and take tests to prove comprehension. Congratulations Dalia!