WANTED: Asta's Son

Dead or Alive

By Nick B.

What he was convicted of

Asta's son has been convicted of theft of money from the manor house. Because of his actions, John Aycliffe has declared him a wolf's head. When you're declared a wolf's head, you can be lawfully be killed by anyone. John Aycliffe wants him drought to him either dead, or alive. For more details on this matter, see paragraph and captions below.

Important details

Here are some more important details about capturing Asta's son. John Aycliffe has offered a price of twenty shilling for the find and capture of Asta's son. Money will be payed immediately. If found, please bring him to John Aycliffe for your reward. If you have decided to search for him, it would be important to know Asta's Son's whereabouts. Fortunately, we know that Asta's son was last reported to be seen somewhere in the forest.