By Kyle Vanauker

How floods occur / happen

Floods happen when body of waters is filling up. Floods can also happen when a dame bursts and breaks. To stop water from flooding is to build a levee, a dike or a seawall. They also happen when a dry area of land that is getting to much water under its surface.
What to Do During a Flood

Why you should come to Louisiana or New Orleans

You should come to these two places because it is a beautiful place to live. Louisiana has great property to live on. New Orleans also has great property because of there parks. Louisiana and New Orleans let you live your dream in a nice home to live in. Come to Louisiana and New Orleans to live a great life.
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Life savers

Life savers help people by saving a person from drowning in a flood. Life savers are important because they can save your lives. Lives are at risk of flooding and life savers can help you
Be prepared for flooding