Miracle Of Life

Grevil Melgar 6th Hour

First trimester

In the first trimester there are several things a mom and her child should expect, this is what sets the bar into a new mircle of life. The first thing a mom should expect is signs of pregnacy, either she misses her period, has moring sickness and starts to feel uncofortable. Once she knows she is pregnet she has to stay away from alhcool and drugs, nicotine. She will also have a difficult time sleeping. Alot of things happen during the first trimester for baby, the first organ to form is a heart. Over a period of 6 weeks its grows about an inch long. And in 8 weeks the baby is know as a fetus. In the weeks the baby starts to devople the nervouse system.

Second Trimester

As time goes on different things start to happen to the mother and the baby. Around the 4th month the ultra souds begin and the mom as first sight on her new coming child. She starts to feel the baby in her belly and can almost feel the babys heart beat. She has to be careful tho because a miscarge can occur. During the second trimester the baby starts to devolpe a liver and her eyes devople and are more closer together its starting to look more like a human. The baby is about 7 inches long now and more awaits during the 3rd trimester
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Third trimester

Now its the trimester were getting closer and closer to see the miracle of life. In the third trimester the mom is aware of the babies movments most of the time now. There is no more moring sickness and things are getting closer to birth. The baby is expericing new things in the third trimester. Its eyes are in the correct spot now and is starting to grow eye lashes. It has an eye color now. But 90% of the time it is sleeping but when it is awake its very alert

Advice for Dad

My advice for future fathers is to take care of her spouse as much as possibe. And start preparing to be a great father. It is important that the mother has as much possible suppourt, she is going through the most stressful time of her life which is giving birth so do everything in your power dad to make your women proud
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