Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez


Lisa aka TLC

Lisa Lopez was in a girl group named TLC . That had got signed by laface records . Lisa had got told her father died. Lisa started drinking and acting crazy,one day she met a football player named andre rison.One day she caught him cheating on her and burned his house down.Lisa career was taking off and Lisa was acting crazy and tryed to do solo, so Chili & T-Boz made a song called “Scrub” Cause they made a rule saying never chose mens before career.One day lisa in the jungle making a video, Saying she was free in the jungle with the animals,while she was on her way back home she had got into a car wreak.When the information reached , t-boz and chili they was a weark . So T-Boz & chili said there isnt no replacement for lisa. So after the furnel , 10 years later T-Boz & Chili met up again and went into the studio with ne-yo and Made a song called “Meant To Be” cause they all was meant to be.