2015 Career Exploration Lunches

April 6 - May 1 at Michigan Center Junior High School!

Coming in April!

Returning to Jackson County after an incredible pilot year: The Career Exploration Lunch program is expanding to Michigan Center Middle School!

Every Michigan Center Middle School student can use their lunch time to learn about more than possibilities, and they can begin to see their own path toward successful employment.

This program is much more than a career fair! Through live demonstrations and interactive engagements during their lunch period, students will learn from local high school students and professionals working within (or toward) careers in a variety of fields.

Students Will Explore Career Options, College Pathways, and Interesting Skills!

Students will have the chance to learn and explore a wide variety of valuable careers, many of which can be earned right here in Jackson County!

Each day from Tuesday, April 7 through Friday, May 1:

  • Local professionals will be in the lunch room to illustrate Career Center programs and to showcase relevant professional occupations
  • Career Center high school students will be on-hand to highlight related Career Center opportunities
  • Printed information related to the career/ program highlighted will be available to students to take away and share with their parents.

Talk to your students! Join the Career Conversations!

Every middle school student can benefit from this opportunity to expand their awareness of future career pathways. Be sure to speak with your students about their exposure to these exciting new careers, and visit www.jacksonc2c.org throughout the month for more information on the presenters, activities, and pathways.

...And Many More!

What is Cradle 2 Career?

Jackson County’s Cradle 2 Career (C2C) is a network of education and community leaders working together toward common goals in education. We’re taking a collaborative approach to the challenges that interfere with student success, by working across sectors and leveraging existing resources, to drive better results in education—because academic success takes more than just great schools.