Thank You!

I am so loved!

Flowers, coffee, juices, and kids' artwork... and a hardback book!

Wow! I was so surprised on my birthday morning on Monday. I walked in to my lovely room moms, my smiling kids, a fresh cup of warm coffee, an aromatic bouquet of flowers, and a sweet compilation of my kids' thoughts and artwork of 'what they would give me for my birthday' if they could. What a sweet idea and every piece of artwork was touching and personal. Yes, I do LOVE juices, giraffes, dogs, and peanut butter!

Then, all of those sweet thoughts were turned into a book from Shutterfly. It is absolutely darling and I will cherish it forever. Thank you!

... a Gift from You to Me

I am greatly touched by my gift from you all. Thank you so very much for spoiling me on my birthday and for getting me a Zappos gift card. If you have never shopped Zappos, it's great because there is no tax and free shipping and returns. You can't go wrong there. Thank you!! So far, I have purchased a pair of brown, comfy shoes to run around my days in. :) You are so generous!