“Two-Children” or “Many Children?”

By: Shelby von Rentzell

Driving Question:

Why does China have to have the “Two-Children Policy” when they have many empty places that families could move to?

Brief Summary about Two-Children Policy:

For a long time many people were encouraged to only have 1 child.

  • During this time the birth rate per woman was 6 kids but then shrink down to under 3.

As of Jan. 1st of 2016, China has started using the 2 child policy.

  • Starting using this because the shrinking population and the aging workforce

If they have more than 2 children, the other children that are not apart of the 2 will be taken away or the couple will have to pay fines

Brief Summary about Ghost-Cities:

Ghost-Cities are cities that have been built along time ago and have been vacant for many years.

People of China are hoping that the rural part of China will move into those ghost cities in coming years.

  • They are hoping at least some people do, and then they will continue to build more cities so people can live in those

Most of these cities were built in hopes that people would see how big these cities were and then move in with them with their families.

“China is a very commanding economy, and the government basically dictates where resources are spent.” This means that the government keeps choosing to build these cities and then allowing them to go vacant while they are trying to get people from the rural parts of China to move into them.

Getting rid of the Two-child policy all together?

I believe if you get rid of the two-child policy all together and allow people to have as many children as they want to then it will be better for them. If you do this, then the ghost-cities can be filled up by these families and all of their children. It was said that they changed the policy to a 2 child policy because of the aging workforce and shrinking population. If you allow couples to have as many children as they want then you will not have this problem anymore. Also if you allow couples to have more children and those couples move into the ghost-cities with their children then they won't all be crowded in one area. Which would be good for everyone so everyone wasn't on top of each other.