Marvelous Magnets

By: Emma R. and Isabelle B.

Magnetic poles and fields

Every magnet has 2 poles, 1 north and 1 south. If you have the same poles and you try to put them together they will repel, if you have different poles and you try to put them together they will attract. Its true, oppisites do attract! Every magnet also has a magnetic field, a magnetic field is made up of imaginary lines called magnetic field lines. They travel from the north pole to the south pole. Magnetic force is also excerted there.

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Magnetic Domains

Magnetic domains are the field of atoms in each and every material that can prove and show if a material is magnetic of not. If the domains are pointed the same way that means that it is magnetized and if the domains are pointed in different directions the material is not magnetized.

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Magnetic Force

Magnetic force is exerted out of the magnetic field lines in a magnet. Magnetic force is a magnet pulling or attracting another magnetic material, basically magnetic force is the strength of the magnet. A way to measure magnetic force is to find out the space between each magnetic field line, ( closer together- weaker magnetic material, farther apart- stronger magnetic material).