October Newsletter

Lincoln Elementary School

Important Information

Upcoming events:

October 5-7: Book Fair

October 6: Single Session Day / Professional Development

October 7: NED's Mindset Mission

October 7-11: National Week of Respect

October 8: Heavenly Hats Parade

October 12-13: Start Strong Testing

October 18-19: School Pictures

October 28: Parent Learning Festival (6 pm-7:20 pm)

October 29: Classroom Parties


-Please join our PTO. Your support has a huge impact on the activities and events we can provide to our Lincoln students. Please visit www.lncproud.com for more details.

-Parent Teacher Conferences will be held in November.

-Camp Bernie is scheduled for November 8th.

Classroom Highlight: Mrs. Ruane's 5th Grade Class

The fifth graders at Lincoln had a wonderful time "tasting" out some of the diverse books offered in their classroom libraries. The book tasting events included fun room transformations, so the students felt like they were at a cafe with their friends. This was an engaging way to get the fifth graders excited about reading and introducing them to the genres and titles they might enjoy this year. Following the book tastings, the classroom libraries were officially opened and the students had their first chance to book shop!

Celebrating Diversity Through Books

  • Our instructional coach, Mrs. Gil, shared books that celebrated diversity with our staff. Staff members did an amazing job utilizing texts and guiding discussions within classroom morning meetings and lessons. Students learned the true value in diversity and fostered inclusiveness amongst one another.
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Nurse's Corner: Health Reminders

We have a new food service company in our district called, "Maschio's Food Service, Inc." It is very important for any students with severe food allergies and/or any special requests for special meals and milk substitutions, for their parents to complete the Maschio's forms and submit them.

Maschio's Food Service recommends that the safest meal for students with life-threatening food allergies is a meal packed from home. The second safest option is participating in the Safe Menu program. The information and forms can be found on the Edison district website:


For more information or questions please contact the Director of Nutrition:

Lorraine Kunick, MPH, RDN at Tel: (973) 598-0005, lkunick@maschiofood.com

Official Website: www.maschiofood.com