Dmitri Mendeleev

Pre-AP Chemistry - period 1

The Periodic Table...

One of the most iconic science symbols. But who created it in the first place?
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Dmitri Mendeleev

  • born on February 8th, 1834 in Verknie Aremzyani (Sibera, Russia)
  • last name is pronounced Men-deh-lay-ehv, not Men-deh-leeve
  • had as many as 17 siblings
  • father was a college instructor until his death
  • mother revived a glass factory, but it burned down
  • eventually moved to Moscow, then to St. Petersburg for better education
  • attended the Main Pedagogical Institute (accepted in 1850)
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Some of mendeleev's first experiments:

The genius of Mendeleev's periodic table - Lou Serico

Mendeleev had many attempts, including...

Mendeleev finally settled on his final print of the periodic table. The table had many gaps, which he predicted to be filled by elements yet to be found! He was right; the holes were soon filled by germanium, gallium and scandium.
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Mendeleev Song

Mendeleev died in 1907.

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Awards Given to Mendeleev:

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by Bethany Stork; Pre-AP Chemistry, 1st period