PLEF Schedule

December 8-12, 2014

The CTC Has Left the Building

Thank goodness for our student techies. Our Amplify CTCs trained them well and they are ready to handle most tablet issues. This is THE process to get tablets fixed:

  • The student attempts to troubleshoot according to the posters in your classroom.
  • If the student cannot fix, then the tablet is given to a student techie
  • If the techie cannot troubleshoot, then he/she submits a tablet ticket via the app.
  • The techie then brings the tablet to the media center. We fix the tablet or issue a new one ASAP. It is important that you proceed with PLAN B (ie paper substitution or allow students to use the student PC in the interim)

New students:

  • Give your new homeroom student a copy of the tablet pledge and web 2.0 form for parents to sign. The forms are found on the school website. Place the signed form in my box (at Guilford) or J. Williams' box (at Allen).
  • Web link to forms at Allen and Guilford.
  • We will register the tablets as soon as the QR codes are ready.
  • No signed forms=no tablet.

Schedule: Please attend our workshop of the week!

Bring your charged tablet to every workshop

  • Monday: Davis @ Allen (ELA PLCs - bring your tablets!)
  • Tuesday: Davis @ Allen (Augmented Reality in a PLE @ 3:30/MC)
  • Wednesday: Davis @ Guilford (Augmented Reality in a PLE @ 3:30/MC)
  • Thursday: Davis @ Guilford (PLE in the Math classroom - all are welcome)
  • Friday: Davis at WSA AM/Allen PM for Encore PLC - bring your tablets!)
The Hour of Code - WORLDWIDE

Send me an e-mail if you're doing the HOUR OF CODE this week so I may visit.

Talk to the following people at your schools to find out more:

  • Allen: S. Davis, T. Graham, J. Williams
  • Guilford: C. Terzigni, A.Denny