September 13, 2018

In this edition of the VanWeekly...

New in this issue:
  • XP Forms now available
  • Vanchise Applications
  • New Member Application Deadline Extended to September 21st
  • The Work/Life Balancing Act
  • Coaching Essentials Update
  • Vanguard Video Vault
  • New Microsoft Trainings (See Upcoming Professional Development Section)

Previously in the VanWeekly:
  • Vanguard Member Survey - REQUIRED by September 14th!
  • GaETC Registration Information - Register by October 13th
  • GaETC Innovation Grants - Deadline is September 15th
  • Upcoming Professional Development

Once again, this issue of the VanWeekly is CHOCK FULL of information! As we're rolling out many new processes, we have a lot of information that is critical and time sensitive. Please be sure to read thoroughly, so that you don't miss anything important.

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Vanguard XP Forms Now Available!

This week I am excited to launch the new Vanguard XP tracking forms. My approach was to take the good things about our version 1.0 forms from last year, but streamline them and make them as user-friendly as possible. At the same time, I wanted them to align to our focus on Vanguard’s Four Pillars: Transform, Innovate, Mentor, and Support.

Here is the result. Instead of having an individual, separate form for each event, there are instead just five forms that we will use throughout the entire year. One each for Transform, Innovate, and Support, and two for Mentor. Mentor has two because of the focus we place on it. One Mentor form will be specifically to track your mentoring cycles. The second is for other mentoring activities that you may engage in outside of your mentoring cycles. Feel free to save these links since they won’t be changing this year!

These links will soon find permanent homes on the website, which is undergoing construction. We’ll let you know when that page goes live.

The XP Tracker spreadsheet is still under construction and should launch next week. I have heard loud and clear the feedback about readability, and am working to similarly increase the ease-of-use around the tracker. I look forward to rolling it out to you in the very near future! In the meantime, please contact me at (or one of your learning community leads) with any questions or concerns.


Justin Evans

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Vanchise Applications & Renewals

This week we are also launching the Vanchises Application and Renewal. We have some great Vanchises in our county doing great work, but we had the realization that we often don’t hear about it. Don't worry, the application is short. We are absolutely not looking to make you jump through a ton of hoops! We have two big goals with this application. The first goal is to help us learn more about our Vanchises that are already up and running, so we can understand and celebrate the work that they are doing. The second is to continue our focus on Vanguard’s Four Pillars (Transform, Innovate, Mentor, and Support). To that end, this year we are asking all of our Vanchises, new and returning, to set for themselves a single SMART goal aligned to our four pillars... TIMS. See the application for more details.

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New Member Applications Deadline extended until September 21st!

The leadership team has been having a great week as we’ve watched the new member applications roll in. We’ve got videos, Sways, Powtoons, Swivls, and Emazes – and they’re all fantastic! We’re really excited about the quality of our applicants this year.

We have, however, been given some consistent feedback from prospective members – that they need more time to create their product. We are happy to oblige, and are extending the application deadline to the end of next Friday, September 21st, at 11:59pm. The interview event will remain Saturday, September 29th, at 9am.

Vanguardians, please communicate this extension to prospective members at your schools! You are our front-line in getting the word out about Vanguard, and we would be sad to miss out on quality candidates because they haven’t heard about us or because they didn’t know about the extension. Thanks for your assistance!

Directions to Share with Prospective Applicants

Create a 2-3 minute product (video, Sway, PowerPoint, presentation, etc.) that answers the following questions and expresses how you embody Vanguard's four pillars (TIMS: Transform, Innovate, Mentor, and Support). Have fun and be creative!

  1. Why do you want to join Vanguard?
  2. Describe how you have incorporated technology in innovative ways into instruction.

See the application itself for more details. The link can be found below.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to Justin Evans (, or your Learning Community lead.

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The Work/Life Balancing Act

Keep thos survey responses coming! The Vanguard leadership team is grateful for your feedback. As we read through the first set of responses this week, one thing rose to the surface that we'd like to address... work/life balance. We understand that it is difficult to attend Vanguard events in the evening and on weekends. Unfortunately, there isn't any other time that we can meet face-to-face as a large group. When you think about the cost of 300+ members getting subs, not to mention the loss of instructional time; it just isn't feesible for us to do big events like EdCamp and the Kickoff on a school day.

However, we also want you to know that we value work/life balance and we understand if you aren't able to attend Vanguard events due to other obligations to yourself or your family. With the revised points system, you can viably earn 100% of your points through job embedded activities if you choose to. It is totally up to you.

As a leadership team, we're committed to creating amazing events that provide value to our members. It's our hope that you won't want to miss them because they are so fun! We're also looking at ways we can provide some asynchronous PD opportunities that can be accomplished at your own pace and at a time that works for you. If you ever have feedback about something you'd like to see included in Vanguard PD or events, we'd love to hear from you. Plese reach out to Megan Endicott, Associate Lead Coach in charge of PD and Events (

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Member Survey... Help us personalize your Vanguard Experience

Please take a few minutes to complete the Vanguard Member Survey. This activity is required for all members. Please complete by Friday, September 14th. This survey serves several purposes:

  • Annual iPad Inventory & needs assessment
  • Gather important member info (shirt sizes, employee ID number, etc.)
  • Gather information that will help us personalize events and professional learning opportunities.
  • Gather feedback about what we're doing well and how we can improve.
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Coaching Essentials Update

The Coaching Essentials course is FULL! I'm so excited and members of Cohorts 1, 2, & 3 have been notified. If you were not notified, you have been placed on our wait list. In the event that someone is unable to attend and an opening becomes available, we will reach out to members of the wait list. If you would like to be added to the wait list, please complete the Coaching Essentials Interest Form below.

If you were selected to participate in the Coaching Essentials course, and you find you are no longer able to participate, please let Heather Van Looy know so that she can offer the opportunity to someone else,

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NEW PL Video Project with Vanguardian Christine Anderson!

Vanguard is about to launch a new initiative to further support teachers throughout the county in personalized learning. The goal is to provide a repository of short video clips to highlight examples of how expert teachers incorporate the seven principles of personalized learning with their students.

Which personalized learning strategies are you most successful with? Do you see other teachers in you school who are awesome with various personalized learning strategies? If so, you are encouraged to create and submit a video.

You will be supplied with a template to guide your video ensuring that you cover the necessary elements of the strategy(s) that you share. This Vanguard Video Vault will provide supportive PD to teachers allowing them to access videos on their own time to better understand the strategies.

As an instrumental part of my KSU Capstone project, I truly appreciate your support. Your role in submitting video clips has the potential to solidify our efforts to make a difference in the work of our teachers and the outcome of our students. Our amazing leadership team has agreed to offer Vanguard XP for your work. More details will follow in a future VanWeekly.

Submissions will be due in December. For questions please contact Christine Anderson at

Thank you,

Christine Anderson

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GaETC 2018 Registration is Now Available

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Calling all Vanguard Members!

GaETC is a 3-day event, November 7-9, 2018 at the Georgia International Convention Center (2000 Convention Center Concourse; College Park, GA 30337).

As a member of Vanguard, your attendance and your substitute is paid for by the Instructional Technology department!

You can attend 3 days, 2 days or 1 day. All you need to do is follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Discuss with your Principal.
  2. Secure your Sub
  3. Register for GaETC before Oct. 13th, 2018!

Chris Olateru will communicate with your school bookkeeper concerning the substitute reimbursement.

Fulton County Vanguard Members have been assigned the Group Code FCVAN350. You must register to attend the conference no later than Oct. 13 so that you will receive your name badge by mail and expedite your check-in onsite. We must have a completed registration for each person attending the conference.

Please note: Any registrations already assigned DO NOT have to be re-submitted unless a substitution is needed.

How to Register:

Register @

  3. Enter your email address. SUBMIT Register myself for this event.
    1. If you are in the system, your information from last year will populate – make necessary updates.
    2. If you are NOT in the system, complete the ‘New Registrant” page
  4. Registration Options, select ‘I have a Pre-Paid Group Code’
  5. As you complete the form, there is a box - ‘Please select a conference registration type or code’, select FCVAN350 – Full Conference
  6. If you register for Pre-Conference Workshops, you are responsible for the cost of the workshop
  7. Payment Options, select ‘Pre-Paid Group Code’
  8. Submit

You will receive a confirmation email once registration is complete, and your name badge will be mailed to you after Oct. 25th.

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GaETC Innovation Grant Deadline is Saturday!

Who: The opportunity to apply for an Innovation Grant is open to all Georgia teachers, media specialists, counselors, or any combination of persons within a school setting.

What: A maximum of $10,000 in Innovation Grants will be awarded, with each individual grant not to exceed $2,500.

When: The deadline to apply for grants is September 15, 2018.

For Additional Details Visit:

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Upcoming Professional Development

Microsoft Innovative Educator Academy

October 12 at North Learning Center (8:30-3:30)

Join us for a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Teacher Academy to learn more about Microsoft’s hottest tools and resources to empower your students to achieve more! Bring your own Windows device to this one-day professional learning experience to learn how to maximize your use of Windows and Office 365. You will get the opportunity to explore tools such as Teams, OneNote Class Notebooks, Forms, and Sway, including how to provide your students with learning experiences beyond the four walls of your classroom using Skype in the Classroom and the Microsoft Educator Community.

Registration Instructions:

  1. Log into the employee portal
  2. Locate the Edivate icon in my apps
  3. Click on the icon with the three stacked lines in the purple bar on the upper left of your screen.
  4. Choose Learning Targets
  5. Click on Catalogs
  6. You should see a list of Fulton County catalogs - the first is Human Resources
  7. Select the Instructional Technology catalog
  8. Choose the class title (click on the word TITLE in the grey bar to sort alphabetically)
  9. Click the green plus icon
  10. The class will no longer show under catalog. Instead, it will be under the Transcript tab.

Going Paperless with Microsoft Teams: Part 2

This session is for educators who know the basics of Microsoft Teams and would like to explore further. Learn valuable tips and tricks for using a OneNote notebook, managing Assignments, and holding Skype meetings. You will also be introduced to new features that have been added to Teams in the last couple months.


All sessions will be held at the District Office at 6201 Powers Ferry Road.

October 4- 4:30-6:30 pm

October 5- 8:30-10:30 am

October 5- 1:00-3:00 pm

October 16- 4:00-6:00 pm

Register in Edivate in the Instructional Technology catalog.

Need Support? Help is just a click away!

Vanguard Leadership is working hard to plan a calendar of meaningful professional development opportunities for Vanguard members. If there is instructional technology related professional development that you would like to have at your school, please contact Mindy Ramon for support. We have resources available to provide training at schools for district provided technology such as SAFARI Montage, Office 365, Seesaw, Edgenuity, and more. You may also be interested in accessing the Instructional Technology Training site, which has a wealth of information about each of the resources the district provides.

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Vanguard Leadership Team

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Fulton County Vanguard Team

Mission: Building the capacity of instructional leaders to transform learning and teaching.

Vision: Through building colaborative relationships and supporting student focused learning, the Vanguard Team will positively impact student achievement.

Pillars: Transform, Innovate, Mentor, & Support (TIMS)