Careers In Space Science

By Destiny Drauschke

Space Science Careers (Introduction)

There are many many many jobs that relate and are important to space science. A lot of these jobs are quite different from each other, but are all important. Some of these jobs, you may not have even known that they had anything to do with space. This poster will show you 3 examples of jobs you can have in space science.

Galaxy Astronomers

Galaxy astronomers study the milky way galaxy and everything inside of it. They study other galaxies, too. They pretty much study everything there is to know about the astronomy of galaxies. The salaries of galaxy astronomers can range anywhere from $40,00 to $10,000. There are two major requirements for a galaxy astronomer. First off, you must enjoy, and excel at advanced math. The other thing is that you need to have a bachelors degree in science. After that, if you reallyyyyyyyy want too, you can go ahead and study galaxies!

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Why are galaxy astronomers important?

Galaxy astronomers are important because they study all about galaxies. It's important that we have people to do this so that we can continue to learn the mysteries about the galaxies in outer space. There is still a lot that we don't know about galaxies, but what we do know about them, it's the galaxy astronomers that found it out. We need people to continue discovering more and more about the things we call galaxies.

Rocket Engineers

Rocket engineers are people who build and test rockets. On average, rocket engineers get paid about $90,000 per year. If rocket engineer is the job you want, then your going to want at least masters degree, but a bachelors degree would help too. Rocket engineers deal with designing and constructing rockets. They also study the background behind rockets, aircraft, flying craft, and spacecraft.

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Why are rocket engineers important?

Without rocket engineers we wouldn't have rockets. And how would people be able to get into space without rockets? Well, they wouldn't. We need people do design, build, and test rockets so we have safe, reliable vehicles to bring astronauts up to space. It is important that we have these vehicles, rockets, because without being able to travel to space, we wouldn't be able to learn much about space very easily. We need people to be able to go to space so they can learn as much as they can about our star, the sun, which is a giant burning ball of gas, the other stars in the galaxy, and the planets. If we didn't have rocket engineers, we wouldn't know that Earth is not the only terrestrial planet, that 3 other planets have a compact rocky surface. We would be pretty clueless. That's why we need rocket ships to transport people to outer space so they can learn the things that no one would know if we couldn't travel to space. But we can't have rocket ships without the people to design and build them. Therefore, rocket engineers are very important.

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers help build every structure and moving part flown in space. Their salaries are on average about $40 per hour and about $83,550 per year. The best paid 10% of mechanical engineers get paid about $58 per hour and about $119,950 per year. The professionals who receive these high salaries need at least a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers have a professional status, so they receive about the same benefits of other professionals at their employers. Included in these benefits are medical, dental and vision insurance, vacations, pay on sick leaves and holidays, and retirement benefits.

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Why are mechanical engineers important?

We need to have things floating around in space. It doesn't sound important, but it is. We have some pretty important things in space right now, like satellites. Satellites are very important, and mechanical engineers help make them possible. Machine Satellites are launched into space and they show us a birds-eye view of Earth, allowing us to see large parts of Earth at a time. This gives satellites the ability to collect data more easily, and quicker, than instruments like this that are on the ground. But why did I say machine satellites? Because the other definition for satellite is any object that orbits around another object. The Earth is a satellite because it orbits around the sun. The things mechanical engineers build make it easier for us to study and learn about our planet, Earth, and the other planets in the solar system. So now you see that satellites are important. Well, athletes, chefs, or even rocket engineers, don't make these satellites possible. Mechanical engineers do. Mechanical engineers are very important people.

Space Science Careers (Conclusion)

These three careers are all very important careers in space science. All three of these examples have a lot to do with space, but like I said before, not all of them seem like they would. Like a mathematician. When you hear that you probably think of a teacher or something. Well, mathematicians are actually very important to space science. But that's just an example of a space career that doesn't seem like it would have anything to do with space science, but it's not one of the careers I've chose to teach you about in this poster. In this poster you have learned a lot of important information about galaxy astronomers, rocket engineers, and mechanical engineers. You have learned what they do, what degree they need, what they get paid, and why they are important. Now that you have read this poster, you should have realized by now that careers in space science are very important.


Throughout this poster you have seen unbolded paragraphs with a couple of words that are bold, or for bolded paragraphs, you saw a couple of words that are unbolded. Those are the astronomy vocabulary words that I have used. I either bolded them or unbolded them to make them easier to spot. If you read the whole paragraph that these words are in, you should be able to tell what these words are/what these words mean. These vocabulary words are: astronomy, space, star, planet, galaxy, orbit, terrestrial planet, and satellite.

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