civil war book club project

item 1/long road to gettysburg,item 2 gettysburg

Whats on gettysburg

On the website there are lots of details of the battle and where the battle was.Also on the website there was details of how the solders used there weapons and fought in the battle of gettysburg.

What is in the long road to gettysburg

In the book there is lots of information about the olden days of the civil war. Also the book tells you how difficult the battle of gettysburg was. And also how hard the men fought in the battle of gettysburg.


Some similarities between these two websites are that they both show and tell important history about the civil war. They both tell facts about the generals. And they both have a number of how many troops both armys have.


Some differences between these two websites are.The long road to gettysburg shows pictures of the battle ground and the generals.And gettysburg does not show any pictures of the battle of gettysburg or any of the generals. Another difference is that the book tells and shows why the battle started in the first place.

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