Latin Language

How the Latin language has influenced the way we talk today

Where does English come from?

The Latin language was originally only spoken in a part of the Italian Peninsula known as Latium. Throughout time, Latin gradually started dominating a majority of the Roman Empire. After the Roman Empire collapsed, Latin continued to have its influence even though it is currently a dead language. In fact, very skilled Latin teachers can say no more than a few sentences in Latin successfully. The closest language to Latin today is Romansh which is spoken by a small amount of people in Switzerland. Many words that we use today originated from Latin. In fact, approximately one-third of the English language came from Latin. Latin prefixes such as "im," "il," and "in" are seen in words today like impossible, illegal, and inactive since these prefixes mean "not." One example of a Latin root word is "anima" which means "life, breath, soul" which eventually became "animal." Although the Roman Empire is long gone, the influences from that period including the Latin language live on throughout time.
Latin and the English Language Part 3