The Winskill Weekly

November 17, 2014

Blessings pt. 2

The students and families of Lancaster are so fortunate to have all of you working with and for their children. This isn't something new that I just discovered, but it did become even more apparent last week. I would have said "Thursday and Friday" except many of you scheduled conferences for other days/times to accommodate the lives of our parents. Before school, after school, during preps....Whatever Tt Takes is definitely the belief that came through in your actions. I was lucky enough to witness first hand the positive attitudes and genuine desire to help children that make Winskill such a special place. My heart broke along with yours as you relayed some of the conversations and stories that parents had entrusted to you. Because they TRUST you- they know you care about their child. This is not a gift that comes easily, but because they trust that we will not casually share this information with others. Learning about the challenges that our students face in their every day lives IS a gift, but it can also be a heavy burden. The challenge can be in not letting these facts a.) cause your heart to become callused, b.) change your expectations for those children. More than ever, they need to be held to a high standard, both academically & behaviorally and c.) lose sight of the difference you make in the lives of those children. Know that every day that child comes into our school, into your classroom, is a better day for that child- being greeted with warm smiles, a cheerful greeting, high fives and hugs....those can be life-changing gifts for all of our children.
Sesame Street: Sings "What I Am"

November Happenings

11/17/2014 K-2 RtI @3:30 RH- Sperle (3:35)

Ed Eff Work Night 4:00-5:30 in Lab 1

11/18/2014 Mentee Meeting at 3:30 with Michelle Strobush

Ed Eff Work Night 4:00-5:30 in Lab 1

11/19/2014 Faculty Leadership Meeting

11/20/2014 Early Dismissal at 11:45

Flying Arrows at Camp Randall @ 4:00 #StateBound

Google Workshop @ 3:30 – Main Floor Lab- May be rescheduled

11/21/2014 Pre-school Screening- Presentation Room

11/24/2014 4th grade to Dubuque River Museum

3-5 RtI- agenda to follow

11/25/2014 5th grade to Chazen Art Museum

11/26/2014 Early Release/Vacation Day

11/27/2014 Happy Thanksgiving

11/28/2014 No School- Vacation Day

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