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Our organization help homelessness in Manila and find homes and jobs so the homeless can get back on their feet again.

About Homelessness in Manila, Philippines

There are 3.1 million homeless people in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. They live under bridges, in cemeteries, and in abandoned buildings. Almost half of these people have been homeless for over eight to ten years. It isn’t just an issue for the people without homes, but it makes life harder, and sadder, for everyone else in Manila. Not only have they had personal and economic issues, but there has been flooding and other natural disasters ruining these people's homes and lives.There is also a very poor housing market and very poor social services in Manila. These people are in need of help.

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This graph shows the number of unemployed people based on sex. The number of unemployed most likely correlates with the number of homeless people. As you can see, these numbers have been on a constant rise.
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Our organization, Home to Hearts, aims to help these homeless people. Manila is so overpopulated that, despite the need to do so, there is no more room to build new houses. Instead of using our money to build new houses, we will use the money to pay for housing, whether it be in hotels or in apartments, for the homeless. In addition to paying for housing, we will help find jobs for these unfortunate people. After helping the people find housing and jobs, we will wait until they are financially secure, and then we will move on to the next person. This way, the homeless people will be able to have help getting back on their feet, but slowly transfer into a well-balanced, self-dependent life, so that they will not need to rely on others.