Buddhism and Hinduisim

Hinduism and Buddhism originated thousands of years ago in accent India. Buddhism and Hinduism are not very popular religions in the U.S.A.. But believe it or not they are two of the top three most popular religions in the world.


With three hundred twenty million followers. Buddhism is one of the most popular religions ever. Asoka was a Hindu in the kshatriyas caste. He didn't like the caste system because it made people judged based on who their parents are. so he meditated to find out why it was like this. then he received in enlightenment and created Buddhism. From that point on they called him the Buddha. Buddhism teaches that if you follow the eight fold path when you die you will go to nirvana. And if you don't you will be reincarnated until you do.


Next up is Hinduism. It is the biggest religion in the world and has almost one billion followers. Its origin is unknown but we do know that you were born into a caste based on your parents job, money, and birth. The only way you can move up or down in a caste is doing good things so you have good karma so you will move up in a caste or doing bad things and move down you will keep being reborn until you are in the Brahman level or an animal.

How they are alike and different

Hinduism and Buddhism have many differences. But even more differences. One major belief they both share is reincarnation. One major difference is Buddhism is a nonotheistic religion and Hinduism is polytheistic.
Even with the differences and similarities of these ancient religions, about 1.32 billion people follow them. They remain two of the most popular religions today. This is an amazing fact considering they began thousands of years ago.