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April 2015 - Issue 7

Coming Down the Home Stretch

I cannot believe we are on the cusp of May. Although certain days may seem longer than others the weeks have flown by and the end is in sight. In this issue we will be celebrating some of the accomplishments over the past few weeks and highlighting big changes that will be taking place. Hold on tight May is full of exciting things around our building and we look forward to celebrating them with you.

SBDM Nominations Accepted

Looking for a way to be involved outside of volunteering in the classroom or being a member of PTO and Boosters? Joining our school council may be just for you. Our site based decision making council (SBDM) meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 3:30pm. Our meetings are typically one hour and we cover everything from the school budget to policy making.

Each year nominations for council are accepted from ANY parent of a child at Woodfill. If you think this is something that may interest you please contact the office or email me expressing your interest in serving on the council before May 15th. If more than three parents are interested in serving on council an election may need to be held.

Additionally, state law requires schools who have at least an 8% student minority population shall have an additional parent and teacher SBDM representative. For the past three years this seat has been occupied by Mr. Robert LaMothe. We greatly appreciate Robert's time on council and he has provided great insight in helping us move our school forward, however his daughter is moving on to the middle school so this seat will be vacant for the '15-16 school year. This means we are actively seeking a minority parent to serve on council. If you have any questions about the requirements or time commitment I would be happy to answer those questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Our current council members are Robert LaMothe, Rick Jamie, Nathan Fraley, Susan Martin Sousa, Matt Gessner, Joy Layman and Michelle LaMantia.

Again any parent interested in serving on council should please contact me before 5/15. Thank you.

Relay for Life

Our Leadership Team has been working hard to help promote this event. We have sold close to 200 Woodfill Cancer Fighters capes for the event on May 8th at Tower Park. Below is the link to join our team and walk for this great cause, we hope to see you there.

March Madness Math Fact Champs

Last month there was March Madness and although the UK fans out there had a disappointing ending to a great season students in Mrs. Hicks 3rd Grade class came out on top of our school math tournament. Students in each homeroom had a friendly competition against one another to see which class could solve the most math facts in 90 seconds. We have done this for the past three years and have seen a dramatic increase in our students' math fact fluency. Congratulations students you truly were math fact champions!
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Car Line Safety Reminders

As the year comes to an end we are having more and more students walk to and from school. This results in an increased number of our students on the sidewalks. On numerous occasions I have witnessed and it has been reported to me that students are being dropped of along US 27, Woodfill Avenue, by our driveway entrance or directly on the street side of Fort Thomas Avenue. I understand we can all be in a hurry at times and have places to go, but I'm asking that you please keep our students safety at a premium during drop off and pick up times. Students should be reminded to utilize the crosswalks, use our access loop (driveway) for pick up or drop off, if this does not work for you make arrangements to meet your children in a safe manner. Thank you!
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Wheel Chair Basketball

As a culmination of our Everybody Counts week our students had the opportunity to hear from Paralympic Athlete, Jake Counts. Mr. Counts was injured while in high school and lost both legs. He told his story to our students and explained to them that although this accident was very difficult for him he would not allow it to prevent him from pursing his dreams of being a professional athlete. Jake went on to play basketball on three National Championship teams, represented our country in Bejing at the Paralympic Games in 2008 and played professionally overseas. Following his story our students had the opportunity to play wheelchair basketball, they had a great time and we were fortunate to have them visit WES!

Awards Day Changes

Parents please pay close attention to the significant changes we are implementing THIS year to our Awards Day program. Awards Day will take place on the morning of 6/1 to recognize our classroom and our traditional larger whole school awards. In the past we have had ceremonies at each grade level and recognized students in the areas such as handwriting, spelling, reading, math, good behavior, sportsmanship, etc.... This year in an attempt to streamline the process, be more consistent across homerooms and be respectful of parents who have students at multiple grade levels we have made the decision to eliminate academic awards at the primary level. Meaning the only homerooms that will receive academic awards this year will be students in grades four and five. However, select primary students may be recognized for accomplishments such as classroom citizenship, principals award, work ethic and attendance. These awards will also go to the deserving students in the intermediate grades.

So what does this mean for you? There will be ONE Awards Day program for all grades on the morning 6/1 to recognize classroom and school awards. Parents will be notified via a letter from school in your child's backpack on 5/22 if they will be receiving one of these awards. Of course anyone from the WES community is more than welcome to attend our ceremony on this morning, however please be aware that if you DO NOT get a letter on 5/22 your child will NOT be receiving an award on this day, so you can plan accordingly.

Awards that will be given out that day include: Samuel Woodfill Award, Christa Mcauliffe Award, Art Award, PE Awards, Commonwealth Award, Presidential Award for Educational Achievement, Principal's Award, Citizenship Award, and KLH Work Ethic Award.

May and June Calendar Items

5/5 - KPREP Assembly Grades 3,4 &5
5/5 - 5th Grade Empty Bowls / Bellies Dinner 6-7pm
5/8 - Relay for Life Walk at Tower Park
5/9 - GOTR 5K at Paul Brown Stadium 10am
5/12-18 - KPREP Testing Grades 3,4, & 5 (attendance is of highest importance on these days)
5/13 - SBDM Meeting 3:30pm
5/14 - PTO Meeting 1:30pm
5/15 - Last day for SBDM nominations to be accepted
5/19 - No School
5/20 - District Field Day at Tower Park Grades 4 & 5
5/20 - Last day to take AR tests
5/21 - Senior Lunch
5/22 - Kindergarten to the Zoo
5/25 - No School
5/26 - AR Store, Point Club Recognitions, and End of the Year Drawing
5/27 - 5th Grade trip to Connor Prairie
5/29 - WES Field Day (volunteers needed)
6/1 - WES Awards Day
6/1 - 5th Grade Graduation
6/2 - Last Student Day - PTO Cookout