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Prairie Point Staff Newsletter

Volume 3, Issue #4: Friday, September 15, 2017

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I know that it has been a few weeks since we all had the opportunity to watch Paper Dragons at Convocation. We will be following up on the topic of Adverse Childhood Experiences during our September 22nd Institute Day.

As we explore and learn more about ACEs, I will try to provide information and resources for you in each newsletter. I found the following website to be helpful in providing an overview and some basic facts of ACEs. Please check out the link below.

The more awareness that we can bring to ACEs, the more that we can do to identify those students and families that might need additional support.

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination

I have shared our AVID goals for the year a few times. You may recall that in several goals we touch on opportunities for teachers to begin to learn WICOR strategies that could be incorporated into the classroom. We will spend a few minutes of each faculty meeting learning about WICOR strategies and even, at times, practicing them.

If you don't recall, WICOR is an acronym for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading. Obviously, there isn't an order to the acronym, as each of these disciplines and strategies are equally important to our instruction.

During our time together at our Institute on Friday, we will spend a few minutes diving into Inquiry and talking about Philosophical Chairs. To prepare for Friday, please take a few (or 7) minutes to watch the video below. We will build upon this information with an activity on Friday.

Important Information

Math PD Opportunities

Christina Tondevold offers a free video series each fall for number sense. The videos are released one at a time over the course of a few weeks, but teachers can watch them whenever is convenient for them over those few weeks. Many teachers watched them last year and found them very helpful.

This year she is teaming up with Graham Fletcher (an awesome math coach) to also do a fraction video series for upper elementary. Please copy and paste the information below into one of your communication with teachers over the next few days. These videos would also be great for you to watch, if you are able!

Number sense for PreK-2 Free Video Series

The Fraction Progression for 3rd-6th Free Video Series

These free trainings start Thursday (Sept. 14) at 5:00 am PST and run through 11:59pm PST Oct. 4...however you can watch them whatever time of day works for you. I hope to see you over in the videos!!

Field Trip Information

Please also note that all of the field trip information is available to you on the intranet. For your convenience, I have included the google form link and the approved field trip list below. Please note that you cannot enter field trips into the trip tracker until you have received approval from both district and building admin. You receive this approval by filling out the google form.

The approved field trip list is attached below. Please note that there has been a significant increase in price to include the cost of transportation. Keep in mind that the cost provided on the document is an estimate to give you a sense of what it would cost to attend for 25 students, 1 teacher, and 2 adults. This is not the cost that should automatically be placed on a permission slip, as this will change based on your exact student count and distance from the location.

The following was shared in the last newsletter. I have included it again for your reference:

Please note that there are a few changes to the entire field trip process this year. First the process for pre-approval has changed. There is a google form that must be filled out. It is likely that Kim will provide you with the paper copy of the form first. Then either you or Kim will enter it into the google form. Second, the cost for field trips has significantly increased, as the district is no longer covering the cost for transportation. All field trips must be fully funded by the students. Finally, there is a new standard permission slip that will be used by all students when attending a field trip.

Here is a review of the new guidelines and procedures for all field trips.

1. Field trips must be related to the approved district curriculum or co-curricular activity and benefit the well-being of each participating student.

2. In order for a field trip to be considered, at least 30 days prior to the intended trip, the staff member in-charge must complete and submit a Field Trip Request Form via google forms. The form will be emailed back to the individual who submitted it by the next day with costs calculated. At this point the building should print the form and submit it as well as the Field Trip Request Packet to the building administrator for approval. Those not submitted by the deadline may not be approved.

3. Once the field trip is approved by the administrator, the trip may be entered into Trip Tracker. Entry into Trip Tracker is not indication of final approval.

4. Scan/email the completed Field Trip Request form to

5. FINAL APPROVAL will be emailed to building from the Associate Superintendent's office.

6. The staff member in-charge must receive building AND district approval before notifying students of the field trip, proceeding with any non-reversible arrangements , or posting/advertising regarding the field trip. Once approval has been granted, all necessary arrangements and notifications will be made by the sponsoring staff member.

a. All students attending the field trip are required to sign and return the "Authorization for Participation in a Field Trip" form

b. No chaperone/supervisor is allowed to accompany any field trip with out a verified, successful background check by he Associate Superintendent's office.

September 22nd Institute Day

Everyone should have received the agenda for Friday's institute day - I have attached the agenda below for your convenience. Please note: We are still updating/finalizing some locations, so there will be a final agenda coming out next week.

You will be automatically registered for this and the August Institute Days in My Learning Plan by Friday of next week.

Jeans Days

As a reminder, per Dr. Sparlin, Friday is a spirit day. You can opt to wear Prairie Point, Brokaw or SD308 spirit wear. You can also opt to wear jeans on this day. Please be sure that your jeans are professional for school.

You can also opt to wear jeans on Mondays as part of our Greens for Jeans. In alignment with our AVID goals, we will be wearing college (or post secondary opportunity) wear on Mondays with our jeans. The cost to participate is $33 for the year. Checks can be made payable to Prairie Point or exact cash please. Money will be collected in the office.

The P4 committee and administration will determine the charity/group that the money collected will be donated to.

Please note that jeans are not to be worn on Tuesday - Thursday.

In Every Issue...

Wednesday Morning Meeting Schedule

The Wednesday Morning Meeting Schedule has been shared with you and is available by clicking below.

Wednesday's PLC Meeting

We will have a PLC meeting on Wednesday, September 20th. Please plan to meet with your PLCs during that time. It is also important that you are sharing your agenda notes with both Janet and with me. If you are unsure of a format, please see below.

PLC Agenda Options

You should have a PLC Agenda Template in your Google Docs.

The link below contains files for 3 different templates for PLC agendas/notes. You are able to choose to use one of these as well. Please remember to share them with Jennifer/Jen and any specialists that you have working with your team.

The video below shows you how to save the agenda templates to your own Google Drive.

SD 308 PLC Agenda Video

Prairie Point Family Celebrations

Congrats to

You may remember Shelley Strnad's daughter, Hailey, from her "One Person Art Show" where she could display her concentration art that she has been working on last year at OHS. It is exciting to see her work still on display on the district website!

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