Panther Press

for the Week of January 15th

Reminders from the Principal

Here is a reminder of topics we discussed in our back to school faculty meeting this semester:

1. If we want things to change the change starts with us.

2. All employees will be professional.

3. Attendance counts even for the adults.

4. Our expectations for students have to be taught and have to be consistent across the team if not grade level.

5. All teachers are expected to be on time for school and duty.

6. Hall duty does not mean standing in a huddle and talking about the students. It means actively supervising students in all areas of the building. This includes the lunchroom. Teachers do not have a duty free lunch. Teachers are expected to monitor students to the lunchroom, in the lunchroom (including the line) and on the way back from the lunchroom.

7. All students are expected to be in the classroom when the tardy bell rings.

8. No student should be allowed out of class without a pass, period.

9. Teachers and staff are expected to be on campus all day. Permission to leave campus must be given by an administrator and only if it is school related.

Go Panthers!

Important Reminders for the Week of January 15th

Jan 15 - MLK Holiday - School Closed

Jan 16 - Faculty Meetings in Conference Rooms

Jan 16 - Last day for 8th Grade Parents to submit ad for yearbook to Mrs. Lawrence

Jan 16 - Timecards must be approved by 3 PM

Jan 16 - Mrs. HMS Tickets go on sale at the gym entrance at 5 PM

Jan 16 - Boys and Girls Basketball Tournaments begin - See Coach Williams and Coach Whitfield for more information

Jan 17 - 2nd Nine Weeks Awards Day Ceremony - 8:30 AM - 6th Grade; 9:00 AM - 7th Grade; 9:30 AM - 8th Grade (Teachers should review the list that Mrs. Wallis sent out this week)

Jan 17 - Tornado/Fire Drill 6th Period

Jan 19 - YWCA Presentations: Healthy Relationships in 8th Grade English

Jan 19 - Crisis Center Presentations: Stress Management - Mrs. Sears' Classes

Jan 19 - Grades Posted by 3 PM

Jan 19 - Lesson Plans and Parent Contacts due via email to designated administrator

Jan 22 - Wellness Checks in the Conference Room - you have to go online to sign-up

Jan 22 - CARE Meeting - HMS Gym 6 PM

Jan 23 - Faculty Meetings in 8th Grade Computer Lab

Jan 23 - January PTA Meeting - HMS Cafeteria 5:30 PM

PLUS Team Rotation

No PLUS Team Meetings in January


Feb 1st - English

Feb 8th - Math

Feb 15th - Science

Feb 22nd - Social Studies


Mar 1st - English

Mar 8th - Math

Mar 15th - Science

Mar 22nd - Social Studies


Apr 5th - English

Apr 12th - Math

Apr 19th - Science

Apr 26th - Social Studies

No PLUS Team Meetings in May

Lesson Plan, Unit Assessments & Contact Log Administrators

  • 6th Grade teachers, Poe, Finch, Overton, and Owens submit to Mr. Anders via email.

  • 7th Grade teachers, Gonzalez, Moreno, Evans, Williams and Channel submit to Mr. Powell via email.

  • 8th Grade teachers, Cerka-Wilkes, A. Smith, Kunath, Whitfield and Richards-Broome submit to Dr. Foster via email.

Lesson Plans/Parent Contact Log Calendar

  • January 19 (LP Jan 22 – Feb 2, PC through Jan 18)

  • February 2 (LP Feb 5 – Feb 16, PC through Feb 1)

  • February 16 (LP Feb 20 – Mar 2, PC through Feb 15)

  • March 2 (LP Mar 5 – Mar 16, PC through Mar 2)

  • March 16 (LP Mar 19 – Apr 6, PC through Mar 15)

  • April 6 (LP Apr 9 – April 20, PC though Apr 5)

  • April 20 (LP Apr 23 – May 4, PC through Apr 19)

  • May 4 (LP May 7 – May 24, PC through May 3)

  • May 25 (PC through May 24)

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work." - Colin Powell

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