Meadowview News and Notes

September 2015

Mark Your Calendar!

Thursday, September 3rd - PTO Meeting, 6:30pm, Meadowview LRC

Monday, September 7th - No School, Labor Day

Monday, September 14th - 5th Grade Outdoor Ed Parent Meeting, 6:30pm, Sipley School

Thursday, September 17th - Meadowview Curriculum Night, 6:30pm, Meadowview

Friday, September 18th - School Improvement Day - No School

Thursday, September 24th - PTO Fall Fundraiser, 5:30pm, Meadowview

Monday, September 28th - Board of Education Meeting, 7:30pm, Jefferson Junior High

Tuesday, September 29th - School Picture Day

Tuesday, September 29th - First Session of After School Clubs Begins

Important Notes and Reminders

  • Please do not bring pets to the school grounds during pick-up and drop off. Thank you for helping us keep all our children safe.
  • The opportunity to participate in after school clubs will be offered throughout the year on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3pm-4pm. Information regarding our first set of after school club offerings will be coming home shortly. Our first session will begin on Tuesday, September 29th.
  • If your child eats lunch from home, please avoid deliveries to school from restaurants (Subway, Jimmy Johns, etc.). The lunch hour is a very busy time in schools and adding deliveries to our process complicates things. Additionally, our office staff will not, under any circumstances, sign credit card receipts for such deliveries. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
  • Phones or any other kind of electronic device with an internet connection cannot be used at school. If your child brings a phone to school, it must remain in your child's backpack (in his/her locker) throughout the day. If a device is brought out of a backpack/locker, the device will be taken to the office at which time we will call home for a parent to retrieve the device. If your child needs to call home for any reason, he/she needs to notify the classroom teacher and call from the main office.
  • Attendance is critical. Your child will not be excused from school for vacations. If your child has a legitimate reason to miss school, please notify the school before 10am on the day of the absence - 630-969-2390. If we do not receive a call or note from you and cannot get a hold of you, we will call the police to conduct a well-being check.
  • Please continue to pick up and drop off your child curbside in the circular drive (not on Mitchell Drive). Please do not exit your car as this backs up traffic.
  • As a reminder, edible birthday treats are no longer allowed in District 68 schools. If you'd like, please feel free to donate a book in honor of your child's birthday, or send in non-edible items to celebrate (such as pencils, stickers, etc.).

PTO News and Information

Join us for the first PTO meeting for this school year on Thursday, September 3 at 6:30pm in the LRC! (Enter Door 1). Free childcare will be available in the gym. Children will watch a movie while being supervised by National Honor Society students. We will be discussing the Fall Pizza Night Fundraiser, open PTO positions, school assemblies and approving new budget and bylaws.

Save the date for our first fundraiser this year – Pizza Night Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 5:30pm! Don’t miss this great opportunity to taste a variety of pizzas while supporting your school! Last year $1500 was raised for Meadowview - let’s see how much we can do this year! All proceeds with go to bringing back the Science Resource Teacher.

Meadowview PTO and Mrs. Leeberg are excited to have Mrs. Patricia Zriny return as the Science Resource for the teachers and bring even more hands-on science activities to our students! She shares her love of science as students further explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Activities, the Scientific Method and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). They will properly use science lab tools and equipment in active-learning, engaging and fun experiments. The students will use their natural curiosity to investigate how things work and how problems are solved to experience real life applications that connect science to their everyday lives. What an exciting scientific year we will have!

Looking for PTO news and updates? There are many ways to stay informed! Like “Meadowview School PTO” on Facebook and follow @meadowview68pto on Twitter! The PTO Bulletin Board is located outside the gym, across from the kitchen. Be sure to check it out anytime you are in the school.

Coming up in October… PTO Meeting 10/8 and Halloween Dance 10/30

Save the Date!

Please plan on attending our EC/PreK-6th Grade Curriculum Night on Thursday, September 17th at 6:30pm at Meadowview. We hope to see you there!

It Takes a Village...

Art News from Mrs. Johnson

The Visual Arts program at Meadowview School is based on the principles and practices of the nationally recognized and research-backed Choice-based method of teaching, also known as Teaching for Artistic Behavior. Children are offered choices for responding to their own ideas and interests through the making of art. When given the opportunity to explore their own ideas and interests, children find greater meaning and relevance in their work. This concept supports multiple ways of learning to meet the diverse needs of all students.

Students are artists and the classroom is their studio, they are taught and expected to:

1. Set up their work space.

2. Explore and experiment.

3. Create original works based on their own ideas and interests.

4. Take care of the space and supplies available to them.

Students are explorers of the visual world around them and will:

1. Observe and use the Elements and Principles of art (line, shape, color, texture, form, space, balance, emphasis, unity, variety, rhythm and contrast).

2. Explore the work of famous artists as well as the folk art of world cultures.

3. Think and reflect upon their artwork and the work of others.

Music News from Mrs. Roth

Kindergarten is developing their ear by echoing rhythm and tonal patterns a skill, which will continue to be developed in the later grades. They are also leaning several song games where each student gets a chance to sing alone for the rest of the class.

The first graders are dancing to folk melodies! They are also learning to echo their rhythm patterns. We are also working on singing with excellent posture.

The second graders are developing their singing voices by practicing the major scale using solfege. The students are becoming great singers and learning to sing with good posture.

The third grade students are learning how rhythm and beat are different. We are applying this concept to a chant called “Bone Fish, Blue Bird.” The students will play and perform both the beat and rhythm to this piece.

The fourth, fifth and sixth graders are about to begin a unit about George Gershwin. They will continue to study a new composer each quarter.

PE News from Mr. Khan

First and foremost, I would like to welcome everyone back to our 2015-2016 school year! It’s great to be back and we are excited at Meadowview Physical Education to work towards promoting healthier lifestyles for all of our students. Students are currently involved in a team-building and cooperative games unit so they can become more accustomed with their peers in class and to establish bonds early on. Thus far, I am very proud of students going the extra mile (no pun intended) to help our new students feel ‘at home’ and working so well together.

As the month of September progresses, students will be working on Frisbee and soccer, which are some of the most favorite sports here at Meadowview. Students will be working on improving their Frisbee throw and catch, soccer shooting, passing, and dribbling to name a few. We want to get students right in there as energy levels are high! Soon, we will also be beginning fitness testing which consists of the: mile run, push-up, curl-up, Pacer, and sit & reach tests. These scores will be used as a baseline to see how much students improve physically between now and the end of the year.

Building-Wide Expectations

During the first week of school, Meadowview students went through training related to our "Paws Laws." At Meadowview, we expect all students to be respectful, responsible, and safe. Please see our building-wide expectations below to support your child in consistently meeting these expectations.

I also met with grade levels to discuss Board Policy 5365. Students cannot bring weapons or look-alike weapons to school for any reason. This is important for all students to understand. Look-alike weapons include water guns, cap guns, and pocket knifes along with fake weapons of any kind (including those that might be included in a Halloween costume). If a student is in possession of such an item, it will lead to serious disciplinary action.

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Safety Drills

Our first and foremost concern is the safety of students and staff. Consequently, we are required to hold several emergency drills, including fire drills, severe weather drills, and an off-site evacuation drill. On Friday, September 4th at 10:15am, students in grades EC-6, along with all staff, will be participating in a fire drill. During the month of September and October, we will be practicing our other safety drills as well. Please discuss with your child the importance of following directions during an emergency drill. I will be sure to notify you via email when when we've completed a safety drill.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

September Breakfast Menu

Please note, if your child eats breakfast at school, please ensure that he/she arrives at 8:00am so that breakfast can be enjoyed before instruction begins at 8:20am.

September Lunch Menu

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